A Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season

A Tarot Spread for Aquarius Season

by Kalyn Anderson 

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Aquarius Season, witches! Aquarius is known for being non-conventional, forward-thinking, collective-minded, inventive, and just a lil' bit of an ALIEN GENIUS! I'm here for it. Maybe it's my own natal Aquarius Moon, but this season feels like a breath of fresh air after the pragmatism of Capricorn season! 

The Tarot spread below is designed to help you explore the themes of this season in your own life. Aquarius is associated with The Star, so I like to think of this spread as a little "north star" check-in. What light can Aquarius shed on whatever dark road you're traveling this Winter?     

If you're not a card-reader, these questions also make great journal prompts to explore throughout Aquarius season!:
1. Where am I being called to see the "big picture" right now?
2. What unique support can I offer the collective right now?
3. How can I strengthen my relationship with Community?
4. Where can I find renewal during this cycle?
5. Where am I ready to shed the "status quo" and act more deeply in alignment with my values?
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