An Aquarius Season "Starlit" Self-Expression Spell

An Aquarius Season "Starlit" Self-Expression Spell

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by Kalyn Anderson

Welcome to Aquarius season, witches! A new year means we're shaking up our monthly "zodiacal" Community Page offerings again! Last year I brought you seasonal Tarot spreads--this year I'll be bringing you a seasonal spell each month! 

I feel like one of the greatest strengths of Aquarius is the ability to see how their own unique light can contribute to and improve the collective. Many of the Aquarians in my own life have encouraged me to more authentically express myself simply by leading by example. When we see others truly "letting their freak flag fly" and enjoying themselves doing it, we can be emboldened to do the same--and the cycle moves ever onwards HOPEFULLY inspiring more and more people to be more fully themselves. Ultimately, Aquarius shows us that many of the things that make us feel "separate from" are actually portals to meaningful and nourishing connection--when we can move them out of the shadows of shame and into the light. We see this theme in Aquarius' ruling Tarot card, The Star, as well. 

Since this sign combines the analytical, ephemeral, and socially-minded qualities of air with some of the dreamy compassion of the water they bear, I wanted to create a spell that worked with both these elements--and an Aquarius Season Simmer Pot for Shining Your Starlight was born! 

For this spell you'll need:

  • A pot for boiling water
  • 3 fragrant herbs of your choice (I chose Pine, Peppermint, and Star Anise personally--Star Anise is the only one I wouldn't recommend substituting as I chose it for its connection to The Star.)
  • OPTIONAL: The Star card from your favorite Tarot deck 

1. The night before your ritual, place your vessel of water and herbs (don't add the herbs to your water just yet) out to charge underneath starlight (near a window will work just fine!). If you live somewhere you can't see the stars, don't worry--the stars can still see you. If you own a Tarot deck, you can also place The Star underneath your water vessel or herbs to charge them with this energy. 

2. The next day, take your vessel and herbs to a space where you can boil the water. Open your circle, or prepare and protect your ritual space however you prefer. 

3. Set your water to boil. While you wait, it's time to work with your herbs. 

4. Pick up your first herb (saving the Star Anise for last if you're using it). I personally would use Pine here for its associations with air, clearing, and strength (we're clearing out shame in order to make way for our light). Ask yourself: "What STRENGTH do I have that gives me a sense of purpose and connection in the collective?" Once you have your answer, send this energy into the herb and add it to the pot. 

5. Pick up your second herb. I would use Peppermint here for its associations with purification and clarity, in order to gain new insight into my own contribution and connection to the collective. Ask yourself: "What unique part of myself am I already proud to let shine brightly?" Once you have your answer, send this energy into the herb and add it to the pot. 

6. Pick up your Star Anise (or other herb if you chose not to work with Anise). Ask yourself: "What unique part of myself do I carry fear or shame around expressing?" Once you have your answer, while still holding the Star Anise, say: "I recognize that expressing all facets of myself opens portals of deeper connection. Releasing my shame helps others to release their shame so we can live in a brighter collective. So it is." Add your Star Anise to the pot. 

7. Let this mixture simmer and steam (water "transforming" to air), energetically clearing the space. Soak in the aromas, noticing the way the effects of the steam are mostly unseen, yet undeniable. Aquarius is visionary--it builds new futures where others see a blank space. Aquarius works in energy more often than in the material--embracing this quality can allow us to come up with "out of this world" ideas and solutions. Let yourself dream BIG about the ways you can support and be supported by the collective while this mixture steams. 

8. When you feel ready to complete the ritual, remove a Star Anise pod from the pot and set it to the side to be placed on your altar or in a charm bag as a reminder of your commitment to shining your light for the benefit of yourself and the entire collective. Feel free to take inspiration from The Star in your disposal of the simmer pot water. I wouldn't recommend pouring this water into another body of water unless you know the effects of the herbs inside on plants and wildlife--but your sink drain ALSO leads bak to a communal "body of water"! If you have access to a bit of earth, you can pour a bit out there as well to echo the balance of The Star.  Close your circle, and go out into this world ready to bravely illuminate all facets of yourself! 

As always, feel free to take what serves you and leave what doesn't from this ritual--and be sure to tag @hauswitch and @kaleidoscoperitual in your Aquarius season spellcasting on Instagram. I'd love to see it! xoxoxoxo

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