Capricorn Season Treasurescopes

Capricorn Season Treasurescopes

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Woohoo! We've officially moved into Capricorn season which means we've moved into the VERY end of 2021! We love that Capricorn Season coincides with the New Year because the ambitious, adaptable, and persistent energy of this sign is GREAT for setting some goals for the if only we could all stick to 'em like a Capricorn! We can't guarantee that these treasures will give you the patience and drive of a Cap BUT they will help you work hard AND play hard when it comes to your magic--and that's very Capricorn.

The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Capricorn (don't forget our Capricorn Astrology Essence)! You can also shop the whole Capricorn Season treasure collection here

Feast Secret Spell Candle

Of course, we couldn't suggest Capricorn Season treasures without mentioning our newest Secret Spell Candle...Feast! This secret spell for abundance will fill your home with the sweet smell of plenty (which smells a whole lot like apple bourbon, rosemary, and sage)!

Capricorn definitely aims for abundance--but at their best, this Earth sign recognizes that TRUE abundance comes from SHARING abundance. We made this candle to remind us of exactly that! You can also snag a scrumptious Feast Tumbled Stone Spell Pouch to amplify that energy of abundance--or indulge in the whole Feast-themed ritual we created and kick off the New Year with a bang!

Black Tourmaline Gem Essence

One thing that Earth signs tend to have mastered (sometimes a little too mastered, if you ask us) is getting GROUNDED. Part of what makes Capricorn able to scale such great heights is their slow + steady footing! It's super fun to set bright and shiny new goals for ourselves, but they become a lot less fun when it's time to put in the grunt-work to actually get to those goals.

Black Tourmaline Essence can help keep you firmly grounded in your dreams so that you can continue to see the big picture even as you tackle the tedious stuff! Add a few drops to a bath when you're feeling especially burnt out working towards an important vision or drop a little in your morning coffee to set the tone for the day and keep you feeling down-to-earth no matter WHAT obstacles come up!

Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America

We LOVE to see witches thriving in their element. Really, we love seeing ANYONE in their element or speaking about what they love most! It inspires us, motivates us to hone our own gifts and talents, and to celebrate the creatives around us! Those are some serious Capricorn Season vibes!

Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America is WAY more than a coffee-table book. This beautiful book of portraits and interviews with modern witches does all of the above. It's inspiring, fascinating, and absolutely stunning! Plus, author/photographer Frances F. Denny included our very own HWIC, so this book has a special place in our hearts! 

Under Aurora Gentle Facial Cleanser

Face wash?? For Capricorn Season?? Hear us out: Capricorn appreciates something both Fine and Functional. They're HERE for some luxury lifestyle...but they really want it to WORK for them, you know? To us, the Under Aurora Gentle Facial Cleanser perfectly embodies this aspect of Capricorn. Simple, refined, luxurious...and works like a dream!

This gentle, aloe-based cleanser is suitable for all skin types (helloooo functionality!) and packed with wholesome ingredients that will cleanse + soothe the skin without leaving it feeling dry. We love to pair it with the Nourishing Facial Oil for the perfect simple-but-stunning skincare routine! There are no perfumes, dyes, flashy packaging, or bells and whistles here...and we actually prefer it that way!

Sweet Dreams Ritual Bath Salts

Even the most ambitious among us needs to rest and dream from time to time! While we tend to focus on the "mountain-climbing" aspect of the "sea-goat" there's also that whole SEA thing! Balance out all that planning, plotting, and executing with some good rest, play, and imagination! This balance is the key to REALLY making the most of the energy of Capricorn Season without completely burning yourself out! The key to sustainable change is just that...making it sustainable. 

If you're feeling the pressure, mellow out with some Sweet Dreams Ritual Bath Salts from Erin's Apothecary! Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, and Mugwort soothe and calm the nerves while encouraging vivid dreaming and psychic awareness. Amethyst crystal adds an extra intuitive punch. Use your time in the tub to dream up more incredible visions for your life OR to simply take a rest to tune in with intuition as needed!

"Love Your Mother" Print

Another treasure that makes a BIG statement with minimal fuss just like Capricorn: this "Love Your Mother" print from Hills + Holler! The message makes it perfect for any Earth sign (also any person who lives on Earth so...EVERYONE) and we feel like the simple but boldly-colored design speaks to the feeling of Capricorn Season. Highly effective, minimally complicated. Plus, who among us couldn't use a little reminder to love our mother planet?



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.