Cancer Season Treasurescopes

Cancer Season Treasurescopes

Welcome to Cancer Season, witches!! Cancer (symbolized by a crab) is known for being deeply emotional, big-hearted, intuitive, compassionate, and nostalgic. This season is a great time to tune inward, to pay attention to the ways we can be vulnerable while still maintaining healthy boundaries, and to get in touch with the more watery + sensitive sides of ourselves! The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Cancerian (don't forget our Cancer Astrology Essence and Cancer Puzzle)! You can also shop the whole Cancer Season treasure collection here! Here's to a Cancer Season that feels full of flow rather than fighting the tide! 


Obviously, we think our HWIC's very own book is perfect for EVERY season, but Cancer tends to be especially particular about their home environment. Comfort is a big theme for Cancerians, and if they're going to be spending plenty of time in their little crab-shell, they want it to be a cozy spot to hang out! HausMagick is full of tips to elevate the energy of your home (and yourself) using simple magical tools and practices! 

Color Meditation for Healing the Heart Space

 Moon Nectar Apothecary has created a number of these Color Meditations, but our favorite for Cancer Season is DEFINITELY this soothing meditation for Healing the Heart Space. Cancer is known for having a big heart, but with a big heart can come BIG heartache! Tend to any old or new wounds of the heart that may come up this season with a guided meditation printed onto a gorgeous work of art you'll actually be excited to put on your wall. We also think the semi-aquatic colors of this print are PERFECT for the season! 


Co-Habitate Spell Kit

Like we said before, Cancer is up there with Taurus for "signs that would prefer to stay in". If you've ever shared a space though, you know that it's not always easy breezy...and if you're a homebody, you just GOTTA feel comfortable in your home! Not to worry...our Co-Habitate Spell Kit was created to encourage peace and harmony among roommates, lovers, pets...anyone you might be sharing space with! It does this by helping to keep you grounded in your OWN energy...something we all might need a little help with during Cancer Season!



Full Moon Over Salem Tote

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so get ready to see a *few* ways to work some Lunar Magic on this list of treasures! Our Full Moon Over Salem Tote features an illustration by Bill Crisafi of a Full Moon rising over Salem, complete with some mischevious witches peeking around! Perfect for carrying around ANY of the treasures on this list...and far more magical than that tote you got for free from the lost and found at work!


The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life

Ok, we swear this is *almost* the last moon-based recommendation on the list...but we won't apologize for loving the Moon, and we won't apologize for wanting YOU to love them either! (We resisted temptation to add Rainbow Moonstone to this list, but we can't resist mentioning it!) For any witch who enjoys working with the phases of the Moon OR any beginner witches looking to learn more about how to do so...The Moon Book is THE book for you! Written by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, this book covers all the basics of Lunar Magic while also getting into the nitty gritty details of things like Eclipses, lunar mythology, and more. Sarah's unique perspective brings this one WAY beyond your basic books on Lunar magic!

Safe Space Suncatcher

As we mentioned earlier, Cancer is often fairly attached to their home. That's largely because comfort + safety are high on the priority list for most Cancers...think of a crab retreating back into its shell whenever threatened: crabs literally carry their protective hide-out with them EVERYWHERE! If you're also feeling the need for some extra safety + comfort this season, stick up a Safe Space Suncatcher by Hills and Holler to remind yourself that this is YOUR space, and you're safe here! We love using these rainbow-casting stickers as both a beacon and a boundary on our windows...sometimes magic is just that simple! (We also have regular Safe Space Stickers you can stick just about window necessary!)  



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.