2024 Pisces Season Horoscopes

2024 Pisces Season Horoscopes

Get to Know The Vintage Treasures! Reading 2024 Pisces Season Horoscopes 10 minutes Next Pinterest for Manifesting

by Cole Exley

Read your rising sign to see what Pisces Season 2024 has in store for you!

Aries Rising
Pisces Season will be a period of self-reflection for you. This is a good time to practice forgiveness as you take stock of your internal world, and invite healing into the shadows of your subconscious. That might sound a little daunting, but an Aries rising has the guts to make it through. You’re closing out this chapter and starting a new one, and no one loves a fresh start more than you! Mars, your chart ruler, remains in Aquarius for the entirety of the season. While this certainly will provide plenty of mental energy to sort through thoughts and memories, it may also make you feel a little out-of-body. Remember to ground yourself and let your mind rest when you notice a disconnect.

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Taurus Rising
How can you use your voice and skills to benefit other people? Are there any local drives, charities, or political movements you could join? Now’s the time to take on a broader perspective and utilize your gifts for good. Pisces Season brings sensitivity to the collective - this can be a heavy thing with the state of the world, but it’s also how change begins. Your chart ruler, Venus, remains in Aquarius for most of the season, igniting a revolutionary spirit and inspiring generosity. Make sure you practice some restorative self care as you lend your energy to the greater good. Taurus risings have big hearts with plenty of love to give, but they can only give it if they’re nourishing themselves properly.

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Gemini Rising
You’re in charge this month, Gemini risings! Pisces Season brings some positive energy to your work life and long-term planning, particularly after the New Moon in Virgo. Some fresh opportunities to climb the ranks might come your way, or inspiration for a new project. The planets are lending you the power to achieve something substantial. Whether your focus is your career or your community, you’ll receive some executive energy to get shit done and get noticed for it. That energy will double after your chart ruler, Mercury, enters Aries on the 10th, so get ready to take advantage! If you can harness all the power at your disposal this season, you will see true success.

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Cancer Rising
You’re in for a very mystical month this Pisces season. The New Moon will bring some fresh potential to your Ninth House, which concerns spirituality and higher learning. Whatever your beliefs may be, it might be a good time to reconnect with them, and reevaluate wherever necessary. Cancer risings are sensitive people (though you might not always admit it), and creating stability in these areas can be a great source of comfort for you. Your personal philosophy can act as a compass in times when your emotions are too overwhelming to navigate. Practicing divination, like reading tarot or using a pendulum, may offer some helpful guidance. You’re Moon-ruled, after all, so you can’t go wrong following your intuition! Stay open to messages and sudden inspiration on the Full Moon - the Virgo vibes can help you integrate your values into your routine and future plans.

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Leo Rising
This is an important time for all the Leo risings out there. As the Sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces, it moves into your Eighth House, which rules intimacy and transformation. Leo placements create expressive romantics, so intimacy plays a big part in your joy and wellbeing. Vulnerability isn’t easy, but if you can establish a healthier relationship with it, you’ll open yourself to a lot of beautiful new experiences. As for transformation, Leo is a fixed sign, so this is usually something you resist. Death is a natural part of life. If it were up to you, though, you’d just want things to stay as they are when they feel right. Pisces Season holds lessons around the joy to be found in rebirth, and if you can take them to heart, you’ll learn to let go of your fears around the ebb and flow of life.

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Virgo Rising
Pisces Season is bringing some sparkly new connections into your life, Virgo risings. Though you tend to worry about productivity, you can happily direct your energy towards enjoying the company of others, knowing it’s the best thing you can do for yourself at this time. The Full Moon will be in your First House, House of the Self, balancing out your interpersonal focus with confidence and self-possession. When we feel good about ourselves, our relationships will only benefit - you’ll be noticing this a lot more throughout the season. On top of it all, your chart ruler, Mercury, will be entering Aries on the 10th, bringing your inner fire to a magnificent blaze. You’ll have plenty of power at your disposal; all you have to do is decide what to do with it.

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Libra Rising
This month is a good time to focus on your health and routine. Pisces season brings gentle understanding that can help you integrate new habits into your daily schedule that support your wellbeing. This could look like trying to incorporate all the food groups into each of your meals, or taking time each day to get some fresh air. Listen to your body and intuition as you explore your options, and don’t be afraid to reevaluate stale beliefs about your health that aren’t serving you. The Virgo Full Moon will be a great time to release those ideas and close out this cycle. If this season feels tedious, remember that you’ll be more prepared than most to harness the power of the Equinox. While others are scrambling to adjust, you’ll already be thriving!

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Scorpio Rising
Break out your art supplies and dancing shoes! Pisces Season is lighting up your Fifth House, ruling play, pleasure, and creativity. With the dreamy imagination of Pisces, there’s no limit to your artistic potential. Try performing a spell on the New Moon to manifest some otherworldly inspiration. Your chart ruler is Mars, who remains in Aquarius throughout the season. This brings some original, experimental vibes to your activities; if you’ve been wanting to try something new, now’s the time. Grab a group of pals and make a party out of a new craft or class. Aquarius Mars is a true non-conformist, so the weirder your plan, the better! His lesson for you is to embrace the oddest parts of yourself, and express them without judgment. 

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Sagittarius Rising
February is bringing some refreshing energy to your home and family life, making it a good time to cleanse your space and redecorate. Pisces celebrates the whimsical and the dreamy, so don’t hesitate to make a fortress out of pillows or hang up some twinkle lights. You could even create some art just for yourself to display. If you’re not feeling the need to switch things up in your home, maybe it’s time to try some new things with your loved ones. This could be a wonderful opportunity to create some lasting memories and bond as a family. The Virgo Full Moon can offer a hand in this venture, bringing some organizational skills and the attitude of a leader. 

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Capricorn Rising
Time to speak what’s on your mind! Your House of Communication is highlighted this month, and brought to its full power when Mercury enters Pisces on February 23rd. This will be a mentally stimulating season; keep a look out for intriguing discussions and lively debates. Conversation can be a great teacher, and a Capricorn rising is always looking for new information to utilize. Piscean topics tend to be vague or hypothetical, which isn’t usually Capricorn’s cup of tea. The lesson for this month is to recognize the value in the esoteric areas of life, and realize this knowledge, too, can help you succeed. Spend some time in the liminal this season, and make sure you share what you learn! 

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Aquarius Rising
You may spend more time in your head this month, playing through hypotheticals and picturing the possibilities. Visualization is a powerful tool, especially as an Aquarius rising. You have big dreams and goals, and you’ll need imagination to get there. Pisces Season encourages you to flex your creative muscles, bringing you plenty of inspiration in eye-catching details throughout each day. Take some time to appreciate the beauty in ordinary things, and recognize the value in such an accessible resource. The Virgo Full Moon will help you transmute your daily experiences into long-term visionary skills - claim them and they’re all yours.

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Pisces Rising
You might feel the urge to reconnect with yourself on a more intimate level this season. Pisces is your ascendant sign and it rules your First House, which mainly concerns our identity and appearance. Pisces risings are flexible, constantly shifting as experiences shape them. It’s important to check in with your present self - taking account of how things affect you gives you valuable information. Meditation and reading tarot could be some helpful practices in this venture. Your attention may be more external than that, especially after Venus enters Pisces on March 11th. Why not dabble in some glamour magick You could mix some essences with your hair dye, or charge your makeup with rose quartz. Now’s the time to align your outer persona with your authentic self, however it feels right to you.

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