Get to Know The Vintage Treasures!

Get to Know The Vintage Treasures!

Way back when Erica first opened HausWitch Home + Healing here in Salem, she envisioned it as a vintage furniture store with a little magic sprinkled in. But the space wanted more witchcraft, and didn’t feel like giving up some of the gorgeous fixtures around the shop! That’s how we ended up hanging on to things like our now-iconic gold velvet couch, by listening to the space and the little voices coming from the items themselves. 

Now 8 years later we still can’t help but stop by every thrift store and antiques mall to see what weird and wonderful things introduce themselves to us. We use vintage skeleton keys in our Dream Haus Spell Kit (which gives us a good excuse to peruse) and we just keep discovering more must-haves along the way… but we don’t have room in our own hauses for everyone, and it truly hurts our hearts to leave them behind, so ta da! The Vintage Treasure Collection was born. 

All of these treasures now available *exclusively* in the IRL store really spoke to Erica and Paige during their many intentional thrifting journeys, and How To Live With Objects by the founders of SIGHT UNSEEN illustrates exactly how we feel about them:
“Compared to what you’d buy brand-new, a vintage object has the added dimension of a past, and the contrast between the two worlds is greater now than it’s ever been. A vintage object asks you to consider questions like: How did this thing come to be? Who made it? What lives did it live before I found it? As the New York design dealer Patrick Parrish put it when we interviewed him for this book, ‘vintage has a mystery and a history’. Even if you don’t know the story behind that old ceramic sculpture, you can invent one; even if you don’t know who owned your Eames chair before you did, you can imagine all the possibilities. When vintage furnishings are visibly weathered- with what professionals would call ‘a patina’- those stories become even more evident and compelling. It lends vintage objects an intriguing aura that newly manufactured ones just don’t have, which in turn adds a palpable warmth to your home.”

Check out the stories behind our new in-store exclusive vintage treasures! 

Jewel fruit: These bejeweled beauties were clearly once owned by Taurus royalty who wanted to admire their fruit and eat it too! Seeking a soulmate who will break out the nice dishes. 

Iris Altar Tray: Iris is the goddess of rainbows, so this tray would love to hold something with a lot of color- your art supplies, crystals, jewelry, cosmetics, whatever makes your energy feel multicolored! 

Uranium Glass Coaster/Ash Tray- Rest your drink or ash your j on something similarly green! These uranium glass coasters may have been found in the wreckage of a mid-century modern UFO, and can help you channel extraterrestrial messages in your heightened state. 

Elephant: Elephants with a trumpeting trunk symbolize good luck and clearing the way. This little guy has brought fortune to others and now he’s come to do the same for you! 

Mod Flower Mugs: The tea that has been spilled while sipping from these mugs…! If they could talk they’d tell you all the hot goss, but luckily any secrets you share over these vessels are safe.

Keyhole Mirror: If Hekate had an apartment in NYC, she’d teleport in and out via this mirror... no doorman necessary. 

Atomic Sunburst Carafe: This sleek gold caffeine holder is for only the bossest of babes who are ready to get shit done. Pairs best with coffee infused with Pyrite essence!

Peacock Plate: Peacocks symbolize beauty, majesty, and brilliance. Hang this decorative dish somewhere you practice self care spells or get ready for the day! 

Rose Glasses: Roses symbolize romance and beauty. Anything poured into these glasses is an instant love potion or self-love spell!

Seashell Dish: Sea-gods like Venus and Neptune accept all kinds of offerings, especially when they’re presented on a seashell plate!

Brass Seashell Plaque: Spiral shells symbolize the endless circling of the universe. Place this wall hanger somewhere in your home that needs an extra boost of energy, like a little energetic air purifier!

Brass Snail: This guy moves slow so it took him a while to get here, but who couldn’t use a reminder that patience pays off? 

Fire + Water Ceramic Bowls: These vessels make perfect additions to an elemental altar. Put water in the blue and incense in the orange and you’ve got yourself a spell for balance! 

Brass Whale- This little giant is proud of their contradictions! A leviathan that fits in your hand, an ocean dweller who lives on land, they contain multitudes and so do you! 

Seashell Bookends- The true tragedy of the underwater queendom is the Lost Library of Atlantis. Luckily these bookends survived the tides and can help your library of secret knowledge stay safe!

Onyx Unicorn Bookends- These fantastical creatures have one goal: to prove that magic is real! Onyx is a comforting crystal that can ground you in reality while keeping you open to life’s mysteries. Perfect for an occult bookshelf!

Brass Treasure Chest- Every alchemist needs a place to store their instruments, and brass is an amplifying metal that aligns with the Sun. Anything stored in here gets an instant charge-up! 

Black cat Salt + Pepper Shakers- These slinky cats are here to season your food and clear your path! Salt for purifying, pepper for speeding things up, and low to the ground for maximum movement.

Uranium Glass Drinking Glasses- 3 of Cups gets a glow up! These vessels are pretty potent for everyday use, so only break em out when your best besties are coming around. May inspire cosmic conversation! 

Bubble Unicorn- This unicorn is actually made of a bunch of enchanted dewdrops who crystallized into a creature that represents innocence, lightness, and MAGIC! A reminder that dreams do come true. 

Red Parfait Bowl- Red is the color of Mars (the planet and the god) so these bowls would be happy in an Aries household or on an altar to physical achievements! Add a little water before your workout as an offering to athletic ancestors. 

White Cat Pair- These bonded felines are a package deal! They’ve been described as the angel and devil on your shoulder, but who’s who is for you to find out! 

Aphrodite’s Apples- Contrary to popular belief, Aphrodite is happy to share her apples with the beautiful few who value collaboration over competition. Accept this Apple as confirmation of your beauty and charm! 

Happy Cat Tin- The cat on this tin likes to hide tiny and shiny objects in her secret garden. Anything you store in here is extra safe and extra sacred!

Fortune Telling Teacup- These teacups came from the highest of high end divination parlors, but were let go when they kept spelling out "eat the rich" in the tea leaves. 



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