Pinterest for Manifesting

Pinterest for Manifesting

by Caroline Holloway

“Vision boards are a widely used manifestation tool that have become very popular over the last decade or so. The idea is to help you become more aware of your most authentic desires by tapping into your unconscious mind through imagery and words… A vision board alone will not bring a celebrity mansion into your life if you aren’t already a millionaire. But it can help you to learn what really lights you up, and that self knowledge is the first step toward manifesting a life that is rewarding and authentic to you.”
- Erica Feldmann, HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Healing

As our Head Witch in Charge Erica Feldmann wrote in HausMagick - vision boards are a powerful tool used widely by our coven for manifestation! They can be a practical (and fun!) way of setting intentions and getting clear with your visions. While I love a good old fashioned collage (crafting IS spellwork!), I’ve been wanting to share my free, zero-waste alternative to vision boarding - PINTEREST!!! 

I’ve been a Pinterest witch for the last ten years, and I frequently refer to Pinterest as my “mind garden”. Pinterest is free to download and set up, so instead of creating any paper waste or hoarding magazine scraps, you can access and add anything your creative mind can imagine to your digital vision board. As a social media platform, Pinterest's goal is to bring you content that is inspiring, uplifting, positive and inclusive, so it’s also a really nice alternative to doomscrolling (we can all use a break sometimes). Also for any of my fellow former Tumblr people- scrolling through your saved pins will bring you the same sort of satisfaction as when your blog was looking perfectly ~aesthetic~. 

Creating boards & Secret Boards:
The easiest way to start visualizing your goals with Pinterest is to start creating boards! I create each board for a specific vision and intention- you can even create sections for each board to get super specific. One board could be your dream home, and then you can be super Virgo and organize it by each specific room. Pinterest is also an amazing tool for self-discovery. Maybe you’re in a place of wanting to experiment with a new style, but you’re not quite ready to commit. You can make boards to curate exactly who you’d like to be! Pinterest has always been a catalyst for a personal style transformation.

You can also create secret boards that only you can see for your super-specific desires (I have one for a trip to Tulum I’ve been manifesting). This is great too for those secret spells that haven’t quite come to fruition. A lot of witches believe in keeping their spellwork close to the chest, since you don’t always know the intentions of the people around you. We like to hope and trust that our loved ones are always rooting for us, but better to be safe when working magic that feels really important. You can laugh, and cry, and let your freak flag fly on your secret boards. I like to think of secret boards as a mood diary, for your eyes only!

Pinning Intentionally:
The most important first step for me while using Pinterest is to only pin and repin things that make me feel good - I’m really intentional with the flow of my pins and boards so that whenever I’m looking at my Pinterest it is aesthetically pleasing. This makes my heart sparkle, but also helps Pinterest’s algorithm help you find more content that will inspire you! I like to incorporate all sorts of pins ranging from colors, fabrics and textures, movie stills and different imagery into each board like you would for a physical vision board.  When I’m pinning to each of my boards, I think of it of course as inspiration but also as a plan for the future! When I’m in a place to treat myself, I always go onto Pinterest to buy something I’ve pinned to one of my boards. I also will pin things from Instagram and the internet that I find that inspire me, so I have everything saved in their organized places for future reference (and purchase), which ultimately has helped me to be a little more intentional with my spending as well. 

As a final little bonus, I’ve found Pinterest to be an incredibly underrated free resource for information on Witchcraft. You can find thousands of pins on anything from plant magick to crystals and tarot. I use it often to plan my own rituals for moon phases and holidays! And with that came another discovery: HausWitch, the brand and the store, is basically perfect for Pinterest! When people visit us in the shop they often comment on the immaculate vibes and #goals aesthetics. We’re similarly obsessed with sharing our own ways of witching and crafting, and learning from our amazing community of mystics near and far. So now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the HausWitch Pinterest! We’ve been having way too much fun recreating The Treasure Palace digitally, and we’ve already connected with some lovely folks in the virtual realm. On our boards you can find our favorite products, altar inspo, girl gang goals, DIYs, a Witch City scrapbook, and a lot of Stevie Nicks. Check us out and expand your imagination, we’ll see ya there!



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