Personal Rainbow

Private Aura Party

Gather all your favorite witches and come celebrate at HausWitch with a TOTALLY Private Aura Party right in the heart of downtown Salem! Perfect for celebrations of all sorts - from coven trips to birthdays to bachelorettes - everyone will get a chance to have their auras photographed inside our custom Aura Photo Booth by one of our magical Aura Technicians.

Each guest will receive a beautiful portrait of their energetic bodies to take home as well as affirming insights about their unique auric colors at the present moment.

The Details

Great for birthdays, bachelorettes, and those looking to connect as a group!

We'll set-up our cozy lounge in front of our Citrine fireplace and begin the party with an Opening Circle where everyone will have a chance to speak and pull an Oracle card before we move into individual Aura Photos.

One of our shop witches will be there to help answer any questions you have as you enjoy private shopping at the Treasure Palace throughout your event.

🌈 Pricing + Details 🌈

$75 per person | 1.5 to 2 hours

Parties take place after-hours starting at 6:30pm.

You’ll have the store all to yourselves, including private shopping with one of our knowledgeable Shop Witches. 

Pricing starts at $375 total with a minimum of 5 guests.

Looking to book an aura photo appointment for yourself?