Vote for Erica: Our RETAIL HERO!

Vote for Erica: Our RETAIL HERO!

Every year the Salem Chamber of Commerce invites the community to vote for the "Excellence in Retail" award, but given the, um, "challenges" of 2020 they've reshaped this year's honor into "Retail Hero". Sounds like big talk, and our HWIC was definitely feeling bashful about asking folks to vote her into that title, but we the Shop Witches of HausWitch couldn't think of a better word to describe how great our boss is! We swear we're not getting paid extra to say all this- in fact, we're pretty sure she's gonna be embarrassed we're doing this at all!- but we just HAD to let y'all know how much her leadership meant to us throughout the chaos of 2020, and ask you to VOTE FOR ERICA!
"One of the things I appreciated the most about Erica’s approach to the pandemic is the way she involved ALL staff in decisions about capacity, masks, having the store open, etc. It was a top priority for her from the beginning that the entire store coven would feel as safe and comfortable as possible, even if that meant closing the shop temporarily or limiting capacity. Erica is a business-owner that truly cares about her staff—and I think customers can feel that and it’s been a big part of Hauswitch’s well-deserved success. 
"The part about Erica that stands out the most is how much she cares about the people she loves. And she loves her staff, like, a lot! She always shows her appreciation for us, and it never goes unnoticed. She's truly the best boss around!"
"HausWitch is obvs a dream job for this millennial witch. One of the absolute best parts is that literally every person that I've worked with is a wonderful human, and that starts with Erica! There really are a million reasons to love her, but one bit of care that I was extra grateful for was the grace she gave me around my 17 year old cat's trip over the rainbow bridge. When sweet Hosmer was diagnosed with terminal cancer I was given a week off to process, and all through his last months she checked in on how my guy was doing. It made the hardest thing for a pet owner just a bit easier to know that she was in our corner."
"Before I worked at Hauswitch I shopped at Hauswitch, and having been on both sides of the apron I’ve seen how Erica’s pandemic practices made a uniquely safe & exciting space amongst the chaos of the past year(s). As a customer in 2020, HausWitch's private shopping appointments felt so special and indulgent instead of restrictive! And as a member of staff this year, our capacity limit has helped us feel safe and stable AND able to really connect with all of you lovely people in a time when connection feels so, so important."
"I can’t really imagine a better boss! I have felt so much safer and valued working at Hauswitch during the pandemic than I ever did in my previous job where I was doing “essential” work. Erica takes the time to check in with all of us personally to see how we are handling everything, and all our health and safety decisions are made as a group so we all feel comfortable. With all the craziness of the world, Hauswitch has felt so safe and calm and cozy. I am so grateful to be able to work for someone who is so considerate, caring and understanding and honestly, my life really has improved so much working in such a healthy and happy environment!!"

"When I tell you that Erica's approach to business saved my butt in 2020 both financially and emotionally I mean it more than I could possibly say! She's always on top of the Covid news before I've even thought to look, and has included the staff in every decision every step of the way while keeping a level head about the reality of the situation AND keeping my bills MORE than paid AND coming up with all kinds of creative ideas so the witches of the world can continue to radicalize in relative peace- even when that's meant sacrificing her own emotional wellbeing for ours. Not one member of our staff caught the virus, in big part because Erica worked around our schedules to make sure we could all get vaccinated ASAP. Only the most powerful of witches could pull all that off!! I seriously don't want to picture what 2020 would've been like with any other boss. Seriously."



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