Magic is Real: Dream Haus Success Stories

Magic is Real: Dream Haus Success Stories

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Our DreamHaus spell kit has helped tons of witches and their families find their perfect spaces- but don't take our word for it! These folks were so excited about their successful spellwork that they reached out to let us know... 

"We’ve been Haus hunting since the beginning of this year and it has been such a defeating and draining process. When we saw your DreamHaus spell kit we knew we had to have it! I performed the spell on 10/31 to call on the spirits to guide us to our Dream Haus, and brought the key to every single showing we went on. I couldn’t help but notice the key had numbers '508' on it, and number 8 stood out to me for some reason. Needless to say, we found our Haus this past Tuesday and it was our 8th offer we submitted! Our motto throughout the entire process was 'what is meant for us, won’t pass us by' and I knew our spirit guides would find us our Dream Haus, with the help of your kit! I had to share our story of success with the spell kit and I hope it continues to bring others their Dream Haus just as it brought us ours!"

"I bought your DreamHaus kit last year around Labor Day 2020 and I did my meditation as soon as I got the kit. My husband and I were looking to move away from Brooklyn, NY. The housing market in the Hudson valley where we were looking was insane so we weren't able to find anything at all! People would make cash offers on places before we could even see them. We saw two places in the last month. The first place was definitely not my 'dream home' and I forgot to bring my key that the spell kit came with. We were told we were second in line for that place. On Thursday of this past week we saw a place that I felt was the right fit for us and this time I did bring the key! We had to negotiate with the landlord to get the place because there were other people trying to pay him a higher price. In the end, he decided to rent to us. Thanks for your kit and helping me to manifest this big move away from my city lifestyle!"

"My cousin bought me your spell kit for buying a new house. I used it after the first house we put in an offer for sold to someone else. I visualized the sold house as the traits we were looking for when doing the spell and before the candle ran out our realtor called to let us know the other offer flaked and we got our dream home!!!!  I was still holding the key from the kit!!! Thank you so much from myself, my husband, and our kitties."

"I cast the DreamHaus spell a few weeks before the hunt really began and when I tell you we found our DREAM APARTMENT in the middle of the NYC re-populating, crazy housing FRENZY??? I could barely believe it. The person who talked to my friend and I as we were buying our kits told us to reach out if and when it worked so this is me reaching out to say how grateful and excited that I am to have found this shop and community (and my dream apartment). We are going to get the Roommate Harmony kit as well once my 2 roommates move in and we are going to have a beautifully balanced coven-- just 3 gals and a very vocal black cat. Thank you so much, can't wait for my next trip to Salem!"

"THANK YOU!!! I used the dream house spell kit around the Taurus new moon and my offer was accepted last week..under the list price too! I just had to let you know! I’m so excited to decorate and already ordered the HausMagick book. Forever grateful!"

"Just had to tell you- we did the Dream Haus spell kit and it WORKED! Our very first offer we put in (also the first offer post-spell kit) was accepted and we're on our way to a dream home in this WILD market. I was told that other offers were higher than ours but 'they liked our energy;' and picked us anyway. If that's not proof, I don't know what is. Thank you <3"

"The tl;dr is my roommate, my husband, and I were in an awful living situation (think terrible maintenance and management and a major pest control issue) and I picked up a DreamHaus spell kit to help us in our apartment hunting.  Fast forward and we go to look at a place and, they thought we were looking for a one bedroom apartment (even though we needed two) and the leasing office staff was like “oh, we actually have a two bedroom that just opened up and the previous application fell through” and we l o v e d it.  We’ve now been living here for 6 months and it’s like night and day!  After we signed the lease and started moving in, I actually took the key from the DreamHaus spell and attached it to some gift wrap ornamentation from HausWitch as well to hang near our door!  (Last year, a coworker who lives in Salem got the HausMagick book for me, and had this lovely gold leaf wrap decor attached to it that I just had to save)."

"I heard about your house-spell kit ('finding your perfect place') from a friend a few years ago when they told the story of finding their amazing home after looking for ages. They needed a really specific kind of place, and not long after working a little Hauswitch magic they found an unreal log cabin just outside our city, with privacy and access and space for a workshop....! How??

They convinced a mutual friend to try it during their long house hunt, and then another, and both have equally excellent stories of finding their perfect places as well, after order a spell from this website...

So when I started the home-buying process, I was already convinced this had to be part of it. Set yourself up for success, yes? My brother, his wife, and I were looking for a house together, and were fully intimidated by the madness of the housing market (it's all of our first real estate entanglement).

We had had a lot of long talks about what we wanted, how to find it, how to work together, how search together, how the home-buying process worked.... and then before we went to our first showing with our realtor, we set aside some time for a spell :) After all the stress of finances and learning about inspections and words of warning, it gave us a chance to return to our first conversation about living together, the excitement of making a big change as a team and a family, and what kind of hopes we were holding.

We made our first offer in the second week of looking, and that very first offer was accepted. Unheard of from anyone else we'd talking to in our area."



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