Treasurescopes (An Astrological Gift Guide!)

Treasurescopes (An Astrological Gift Guide!)

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Looking for just the right treasure for that Libra on your list? Stumped on a stocking stuffer for your favorite Scorpio? The Hauswitches have got you covered! We've hand-picked a collection of perfect treasures for each sign for star-powered gifting! Find your giftees' signs below and find their perfect match! Or add a little stardust to any gift with one of our Astrology Greeting Cards or Astrology Flower Essences! A final astro-gifting pro-tip: if you know someone's Venus sign, look to that as well when buying for them! Venus influences what we desire, what we find beauty in, and what we value!


Aries is the big bang that kicks off the wheel of the zodiac, and they're known for being bold, fiery, and fun! Light your favorite Aries' fire with a Sunrise Crystal Candle by LVL CO.--a sunny burst of citrus with a bright and cheery Citrine crystal inside! Add on a Witch City Lighter and they'll always have fire at their fingertips!

Aura Room/Linen/Body Spray brings all the fire and none of the flame, casting a spell for warmth and inspiration with Cinnamon, Clove, and Vanilla...spicy with just the perfect dose of sweetness--just like Aries.

Not one for scents? (We don't understand, but to each their own!) Grab a "Breaking Through Stagnation to Creativity" Color Meditation Print to remind any Aries of their natural gift for passion + inspiration and bring some of that bold personality to the walls of their haus!


Taurus is known for their love of the finer things...but this doesn't have to mean breaking the bank! What this Earth sign really values is comfort. Thankfully, we've got a secret spell for that--our Secret Spell Pillow for Comfort! This pillow was designed by our HWIC to look how a hug feels and she NAILED it!

Taureans tend to love food: cooking it, eating it, looking at it smelling it. Make sure they keep their favorite loungewear clean (and make a statement) with a Smash The Garlic and the Patriarchy Apron

Give the Taurus on your list a taste of the high life with a High Society Candle. They'll love the earthy notes of Grass + Cedar with a whisp of's just the thing to take the edge off after a long day!! Just throw in an I Love Earth sticker to make sure they keep one foot on the ground. ;)


Gemini contains multitudes, so it can be hard to know which side of them to buy gifts for! Buy for ALL sides with a gift that honors their multifaceted nature! Our Sun/Moon Reversible Blanket will keep them cozy whether they're feeling sunny and bright or moon-y and introspective! Let Gemini know that you appreciate their duality with a Yin-Yang Ceramic Bowl or sticker!

So many thoughts, so little time! Gemini can start to feel a little scattered with all the competing ideas in that bright brain of give them the gift of clarity with our Focus Pocus Spell Kit or Flowers + Stars Focus Pocus Oil! Both will help them transform that constant flood of insight into steady action!!


Like all water signs, Cancer has a serious sensitive side! This sign is excellent at nurturing those they use gifting as an opportunity to show your appreciation and return some of that care-taking!

The Small Spells Healing + Self Help Book will inspire tenderness and self-care for the new year with a collection of essays and hand-drawn illustrations on the subject. Give this lunar-ruled sign a reminder to take a moment for themselves with 3rd Ritual "Moon" Botanical Body Lotion, made with aromatherapeutic oils. Just smooth onto hands, breathe deeply, and feel mama moon's embrace!

Why not let that Cancer you adore sit back, relax, and soak up the clearing + protective vibes of a Hella Sensitive Crystal Companion Candle? Perfect for empathetic folks who tend to soak up the feelings of those around them (ahem, Cancers)! Speaking of empathy...crabs can wear their super-power loud and proud on their waterbottle, notebook, mirror, bumper, you-name-it with a snazzy Empathy sticker!


We love a confident, radiant, life-of-the-party Leo--and Leos love being treated like royalty! This fire sign loves to show give them something that really shines! A golden Pyrite Pyramid is a treasure fit for an Emprexx, and this crystal will amplify confidence and abundance to keep Leo's good vibes coming! 

This sign just wants to live their best life! Make every day the Best Day Ever with Pleasure Activist, an essence made with ingredients like honey rose, opal, and northern lights...Leo will be purring!

Brighten up dark winter days and give a nod to Leo's planetary ruler with a White Sun Herbal Ornament! Made by hand and stuffed with fragrant lavender, this solar charm can hang anywhere all year long! Pair with a sunny "Most Triumphant" Crystal Companion Candle to make your favorite Leo's future so bright they've gotta wear shades. 


When you need an organizational overhaul or some tough love from a friend who sees your true potential, turn to a Virgo! This sign tends to strive for perfection, so the best gifts are ones that help them organize their lives efficiently while encouraging them to have some fun in the process! A Small Spells 2021 Astrology Calendar gives them a place to plot out appointments, holidays, and master-plans accompanied by whimsical (but still minimalist!) illustrations by Rachel Howe!

No one cleans haus like a Virgo...make it a magical experience with a Lighthaus Ultra-Tidy Starter Set! Abracadabra All-Purpose cleaner will get their home sparkling from top-to-bottom while Holy Smoke clearing + refreshing spray gives stale energy the boot! 

Give your favorite overachiever a chance to put their feet up...a Farmer's Market Candle will transport them to warmer, greener times and Stress Support Reiki-Charged Herbal Tea will melt away thoughts of any to-do's left undone! 


Libra's ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, and femme energy! They live from the heart, so give them a gift that speaks to their heart!

A Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Soak will have them literally dripping with Venusian vibes...this crystal is the go-to for love and self-love! Get some Aphroditea Reiki-Charged Herbal Tea to sip while they're at it and they'll feel like the absolute goddexx they are!

Often the peacekeeper in their friend/family groups, lend Libra a hand with a Secret Spell Pillow for Harmony! The print was designed to bring balance + peace to any space. Give it some extra oomph with our Co-Habitate Spell Kit...made by hand by the Hauswitch coven to bring harmony among friends, lovers, roommates, and pets!


Scorpios are known for their mysterious, moody, and mystical pretty much any treasure from Hauswitch would be a slam dunk. We've still hand-picked the best of the best for your brooding Scorpio pals, though! 

Every Scorpio loves a secret...let them keep things under wraps in style with a hand-made black leather Tarot Wrap Clutch. They can carry their tarot decks, crystals, lucky Wavy Cat sticker, or unsent letters to their enemies and no one will be the wiser...and it'll probably match their favorite jacket. 

Let them know you love them, stinger and all, with "Witches, Bitches, and Ho's" Essence by Dori elixir for badass witches who boldly defy the patriarchy! Or help them set the perfect mood with an Astrological Storming Candle: it smells like "Full Moons and Mercury in retrograde." (Smells like Scorpio!)


Sagittarius' symbol is the centaur because their wild and fiery nature (animal) is balanced by a deeply philosophical worldview and hunger for wisdom through experience (humanity)! 

Sometimes their foot-loose and fancy-free nature can fool others into thinking this sign doesn't give life much them you see their contemplative side with a beautiful Ceramic Incense Burner and incense! Space to get spiritual AND play with fire? It's a Sag dream. 

Travel restrictions are likely to have adventurous Sagittarius seriously bummed out...take them on a journey with Walking the Witch Trials: A DIY Tour of Salem History. They can use the magic of the internet to view the sites as they read the zine! Or give them space to let their thoughts roam free in a hand-marbled Map Journal...pair with Yes! Liberation Elixir to give them all the inspiration and freedom they need to dream up a wildly optimistic future. It's what they do best!


This earth sign is all about climbing that mountain...they've got their eyes on the prize. They're not bossy, they're just the boss! Help this go-getter bust through blocks and bad vibes with Holy Smoke clearing + refreshing spray--infused with crips Spearmint, earthy Sage, and cleansing Blue Kyanite to clear out all that isn't in their highest and best!

Money Witch's "Be The Queen of Pentacles" Zine will help them level up their financial abundance while going WAY beyond boring budgeting tips, while an Imagine Everything notepad gives them a spot to jot down, well, everything they've ever wanted!

This sign has no time for nonsense and appreciates simplicity and quality over fancy bells-and-whistles. Lauren's All-Purpose Salve will soften those hard-working hands (and body, face, and hair!) and contains NO fluff...every single ingredient has a healing or protective quality and is 100% organic. 


The water-bearer is known for being imaginative, eccentric, and social-justice minded. They're outside-of-the-box thinkers who deserve a gift that celebrates their ideals!

Aquarius loves to stick it to The Man, and a Damn The Man Crystal Companion Candle will bolster them on their mission to bring about social and political transformation!

An "I Support Psychedelic Science" sticker makes a groovy addition to any Aquarius' treasure collection, while a Witch The Vote Tote gets on their soapbox for them, wherever they go! 

Unconventional anti-capitalist witchcraft is THE Aquarius vibe...hit all the marks with A Simple Spell Against the Patriarchy! This spell includes a handmade salt-infused spell soap and a zine that folds out into a poster (which they're encouraged to copy and post up...everywhere)! Spread the Aquarian word!


Ultra-watery Pisces is often in a fantasy world of their own! This sign is intuitive, creative, emotional, and mystically-minded. This world can be tough on a tender Pisces...remind them their softness is a strength with a Radical Softness Zine or Tote

Pisces symbol is the fish, so it's no surprise that many of them feel right at home in water...let them soak up a sense of mystical connection with a Labradorite Crystal Bath Soak! Afterwards, they can tune into their intuition with the Small Spells Tarot Deck (the dreamy imagery is perfect for your fave Pisces)! 

Need a little something to be the cherry-on-top of a Pisces angel's prezzie? A Magical Non-Linear Thinking for President Sticker will let them show where they really stand! 

Wishing EVERY sign a merry and bright season!!!





The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.