December Crystalscopes

December Crystalscopes

We made it! It's the FINAL month of the year that lasted a century...and while a new year certainly doesn't mean leaving behind all we've uncovered this year, it is a good moment to pause, reflect, celebrate, and set intentions. For this month's Crystalscopes, I focused on what each sign can celebrate + find light in this month and what you can work through, slowly, with intention over the (literally) dark months ahead. In the spirit of the season, all the crystals included in this month's 'scopes are available through Hauswitch, so read your own and then maybe pick a few treasures for pals based on their sign! Much better than a lump of coal...

As always, take what serves you and leave what doesn't! Work with these crystals in whichever way feels best this month...crystal essences, crystal meditation, color magic, or even just keeping a photo of your crystal nearby are all excellent options! For the most detailed view of the energy at work for you this month, read your Sun, Moon and Venus signs!

xoxoxo Kalyn (aka your Lighthaus potions-mixer, aka @sweetbitterritual)


This winter may be feeling colder and darker than ever in your world, Sag. The eternal optimist, even you have your limits, and you're beginning to reach them. Suffer enough setbacks, and anyone can start to feel like the world has it out for them. All is far from lost, though, sweet centaur. Hope is available all around you, shining through the cracks. Celebrate all the sweetness you can find in your life right now, and let it act as a balm for the wounds of this year. Hope is one of your sign's gifts. This moment is not a test, but a slow expansion of your capacity to HOPE through the darkness. Gaze into a mirror and find the brightness in your eyes, and renew your will to fight/play for it. 

Green Jade will help you reconnect to your playful and optimistic attitude. This stone is often known as good luck (something your sign is also known for), so if you feel like your fortunes have been in the drain recently, some Jade could be just the thing to turn your vibe around. A powerful heart healer, this crystal will also help soothe any psychic bumps and bruises picked up through the year's challenges. 



This month is calling you to celebrate the warmth, love, and passion in your life by pouring it out whenever and wherever possible. No need to be stingy--you've got plenty more where that came from! You've deepened your capacity for courage this year, and that deserves a pat on the back. Take time to reflect this month on the ways the fire within has been reawakened...what was at play when you felt the warmth return? Cultivate more of THAT in the coming year. Be mindful that you're finding ways to channel that fire into loving and expressive action rather than hectic GO GO GO productivity and you'll find yourself busting through roadblocks AND avoiding the usual burnout. 

Garnet will keep that fire burning hot, supporting all the vitality and desire already at work in your sphere! The deep, earthy red of this crystal also lends a grounding energy to help keep that aforementioned burnout at bay...let Garnet conjure the image of strong, steady, glowing flame. It doesn't burn hot and fast or low and's JUST right--and so is this moment, Capricorn. 



December is a rebirth for you, Aquarius! That's definitely worth celebrating! If your cup has been feeling empty but you also feel like you don't have time/space/attention for any more, you've just been attempting to fill your cup with the wrong things. This month has you reevaluating what it is that fills your cup NOW. Not what USED to, not what you WISH made you feel fulfilled...what gives you that feeling NOW? Follow that thread...even if it doesn't make sense. Initiations rarely do in the moment. Feel free to reinvent yourself this month, but even more, make a point of reinventing your vision and your inner narrative. A new dream or purpose is stirring. Take the time to gingerly extract it from your subconscious the way an archaeologist handles an ancient artifact. It's been waiting lifetimes to come back to the light. 

Dragon Jade has some of that scaly, serpentine energy that facilitates awakening and expansion. When you need to step into your deepest power and leave behind limiting beliefs, turn to this crystal! You'll be ready to face any dragon, fly to new heights, and unlock realities once thought to be mere fantasy. Fierce!



You've got a big question to start answering this month, Pisces: Where are your fears that there will never be enough rooted? Whether it's not enough money, not enough attention, not enough've been feeling a LACK lately. But is it rooted in reality? Anxiety? Capitalism? Most likely some combination of the three? There are all kinds of reasons we deal with feelings of scarcity, but December is asking you to take a REALLY honest look at where your fears sit on the scale. Is it that there's not enough, or are you barking up the wrong tree? Stop begging for a seat at the table that doesn't want you and move'll see there's a table waiting with open arms, happy to fill your belly. Beyond're far more capable and less burdensome than you imagine. Celebrate the support that exists around you this month as you take the time to see it. Then stop doubting your ability to handle things and have some FAITH in your ability to ask for help AND be capable and independent. They can absolutely coexist. You're worth more help than you think you deserve and you need less help than you imagine to get by. 

Amethyst helps us tap into our intuition and clear out negative thought patterns so our highest and best truth can come through loud and clear. This crystal also has a soothing quality that can ease some of your anxiety around scarcity while allowing your intuition to perceive the abundance and support readily available. Let Amethyst move you towards your spirit's priceless wisdom. 



You've made huge strides this year in maintaining BALANCE, Aries. We all love your fiery nature, but it's usually YOU getting burned when you let it get the best of you. Thankfully, this year has taught you lessons around moderation, balance, and striving towards well-rounded understanding rather than obsession. If parts of this year felt topsy-turvy, that's ok! It's part of the experiment, leading you to embrace previously abandoned parts of yourself. Now that you've eliminated some of the internal chaos that previously kept you distracted, it's time for the ACTUALLY scary part: setting some super clear goals. It doesn't have to be a list of New Year's Resolutions, or a 5-year-plan. Just a single clear objective is fine. Take your time to plot out the best moves, but then ACT and adapt if the plan goes haywire. Hunt it down, maintain the balance (more or less), and it's yours!

Tourmalinated Quartz is just the balancing force you need to keep that well-rounded energy flowing. Clear Quartz is clarifying and amplifying, helping you to release anything throwing off your groove while strengthening your intentions. Meanwhile, Black Tourmaline is ultra-protective and grounding, giving you the strength you need to bring your intentions into action and keeping bad vibes at bay so you can keep your eyes on the prize!



The clouds have finally parted and it feels like the road is opening up for you at long last, Taurus. Celebrate the opportunities you've had this year and the choices you've opened up for yourself over the past several months. You've made progress that has opened new paths for you! Along with that gorgeous, wide-open road comes more choices to make. And more choices to make means more risk...and it's no secret that you can have a tendency to be a LITTLE risk averse from time to time. Check where you may be deceiving yourself about all that's available to you at this time and settling for less than you want/deserve. It's also a good time to take a closer look at the intentions of those offering up opportunities...don't let anyone sell you short! Have faith that saying "no" to something that feels "meh" opens you up to say "yes" to something that feels INCREDIBLE down the road...don't rob yourself of the chance because you'd rather settle for a sure thing than chance it on what you REALLY want. 

Fluorite will help guide you along the open road by helping you discern what's in your best interest and what is just the ol' razzle dazzle. Let this crystal super-charge your powers of analysis and communication so that you can get into a flow state and start letting your intuition guide you with grace and ease. Ward off decision fatigue and keep working from a place of expansion rather than contraction with this cooling crystal.



As we wrap up the year, celebrate the ways in which you've deepened into your emotional self in 2020, Gemini. This year threw everyone off their pace, but part of the medicine for you was learning to flow WITH instead of against your natural feelings. Of course, there are times our society demands that we put our feelings aside and do what needs to be done, but you've been doing your best at unlearning putting those expectations on yourself in private. You're allowed to feel your feelings (embrace them, even!) and you've opened up to going with the flow instead of immediately trying to run from the ones that feel more uncomfortable. Use this month to look back at the cycles you moved through this year, unpacking it like an epic fairy tale or myth with you as the protagonist. Now do the same for your life. Outline your personal mythology. Contextualizing this moment in the cycle will bring clarity around your next steps and understanding for your current self. 

Kiwi Jasper has the minty-sweet energy to bring you into calm flow with the universe. Use this crystal to call any scattered energy back to yourself and to give you the wide-angle lens needed to explore the myth of your life so far. Kiwi Jasper helps you see the bigger picture and the way you fit into it, bringing you closer to your purpose and to the good of the collective. 



You really learned how to WORK IT this year, Cancer. This month, celebrate your fire, your vision, and your ability to bring it all into reality. You unlocked an ability to really bring your visions to actuality this year, but it's not ALL sunshine and rainbows! The more powerfully you're able to shape your reality, the more powerfully subconscious saboteurs can act out in that reality. You know the saying, great power, great responsibility, yada yada. It's TRUE, though...your subconscious is the force really at the wheel while you're living your life and putting your intentions into the world. If there are old patterns and parasites taking up space in there...they're going to be the ones behind that very powerful wheel! Examine where you might still be carrying around any of these hanger-ons, and take the time to thoroughly clear them out and move into the next year with your powers of creation working ONLY towards your highest and best. 

Jaguar Jasper is the perfect crystal to give the most stubborn old patterns the boot. This wildcat will defend your values, integrity, and truest self to the end, helping to clear out anything not in alignment with these things. Jaguar Jasper can also strengthen your patience and perseverance, enabling you to know exactly when to wait and when to strike when it comes to manifesting your desires. 



You're ending the year with a renewed sense of clarity. However confusing the events of 2020 may have been, you're emerging with a deeper sense of self and understanding of the role you play in the world around you. It can be tempting to completely abandon the "old" version or parts of yourself in favor of this bright and shiny new layer, but it's just that: one layer. Don't forget that some of the parts underneath are what BROUGHT you to this fresh insight. Sit with ways to merge the gold nuggets of past selves into this shimmering new layer of self you've unveiled. This moment of growth isn't about totally reinventing yourself. It's about alchemizing the best of what you've already cultivated with the best of the new seeds you're planting. This is how healthy ecosystems thrive. 

Snowflake Obsidian is not ONLY seasonally appropriate and festive, but will also offer the DEEP spiritual grounding you'll need to receive the rush of insights coming your way without losing your head. This grey-flecked crystal can assist in achieving a meditative state, helping you to fully integrate the new information you're receiving/uncovering with the life and vision you have built up to this point. 



"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" is the mantra this month, Virgo! There's plenty for you to celebrate this year (even if it's just getting through it), but your doubts, fears, and anxieties are at risk of getting the better of you! Do your best to stay in the present moment this month and allow yourself to bask in some warmth wherever you find it...I promise it's there, no matter how dire circumstances are. No one's asking you to ignore your pain! You only need to turn your attention to the good ALSO available when you're ready--but I think you're ready! Allowing yourself to feel joy doesn't mean abandoning or downplaying your grief. Allow it all to exist at once and do what you can to take things as they come. Embracing adaptability will be key in regaining a sense of empowerment. Channel a light and airy approach. How can you lighten your psychic load so you can float into 2021 with playfulness, companionship, curiosity, and inspiration rather than fear of the unknown?

If Golden Healer Quartz can't break you out of a spiral of despair, I don't know what can. (Kidding, of course. A crystal alone isn't breaking any cycles. We're about intention in this haus.) In all seriousness, though, this crystal has some SERIOUSLY exuberant energy about it that has the potential to help us get out of even the deepest ruts. Golden Healer Quartz taps us into the frequency of divine light, lifting our spirits regardless or circumstance. 



You deserve a round of applause, Libra. Your sign is infamous for indecision, but you've made big leaps in MAKING UP YOUR MIND this year. You've been learning to own your decision making process, and to trust your own decisions. Take some time this month to reflect on the ways you've grown in this area and celebrate yourself for your's a huge accomplishment! When balancing the scales, however, we need to make sure we're not veering to hard in the opposite direction. Take some time in December to take a closer look at where you may be digging in your heels a little TOO hard thanks to your newfound decisiveness. It's great to be firm with your boundaries, but now you're ready to do it with a bit more nuance. Steer clear of any "eye for an eye" behavior and focus on holding your ground from a place of deep self-love when defensiveness wants to creep in. You're not backtracking on your progress by softening up a little here and're becoming more fluent in the language of your boundaries. Bottom line: listen to your intuition.

Blue Chalcedony looks how I imagine drops of water look in some sort of animated fantasy realm. Their soothing, translucent blue looks like simultaneously like glass and like a piece of jell-o I want to take a bite out of. Physical beauty aside, this crystal helps us to communicate our truth in a crystal-clear manner. This seaside spa-day in a stone will give you the clarity and calm you need to assert yourself while leaving room for plenty of radical softness.



We're fresh off your season and victory is YOURS, Scorpio! You've been working your scorpion butt off this year, and it shows! Whether it's been in your career, your relationships, your mental've been putting in the hours, making it a practice, and making sure you have the fundamentals perfected and what you've built for yourself at this point in the year is a testament to that! Take some time to really soak up a feeling of accomplishment and take pride in your work ethic and devotion to your own's not always easy to keep going! After taking some time to celebrate your current achievements, meditate on what would feel like a big "WIN" for the version of yourself existing now. What does YOUR idea of "success" in the coming year look like...2020 helped many to appreciate less traditional "wins" and little victories. Use this fresh perspective to help guide your actions and goals through next year, even when (if?) we regain some "normalcy". If you knew NO ONE ELSE was paying attention or judging your success...what would make you feel satisfied? Move towards that. 

King Cobra Jasper can give you the powers of perception needed to discern other's expectations of you from your own values for yourself. Use this crystal to root down more deeply into your authenticity and act from your instinctual and intuitive nature. King Cobra Jasper can also sharpen our intellect and understanding, giving you the edge you need to fulfill those dreams once you've honed in on what they are. 




The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.