Taurus Season Treasurescopes

Taurus Season Treasurescopes

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From April 19 - May 20, the Sun makes its way through the fixed Earth sign of Taurus! Taurus is known for enjoying the finer (and simple!) things in life, taking their time, and prioritizing rest + pleasure...all while keeping two feet firmly on the ground! 

Taurus season is a wonderful time to explore your senses and indulge in sights, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds that make you feel GOOD. Over the next month, think about ways you can make your life FEEL more luxurious and pleasure-filled. With Taurus, it's not about the cost of the goods (in fact, they tend to LOVE a bargain)...it's about FEELING opulent and satisfied. 

While any of the treasures below make great gifts for a Taurus in your life (be sure to check out our cutie Taurus greeting card!), they are curated with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the earthy energy of this season.

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Like all Earth signs, Taurus is often focused on making sure their resources are flowing abundantly. Unlike Capricorn + Virgo, however, Taurus is not necessarily what one would call a "workhorse". They want to find pleasure in EVERYTHING, including in how they call in their money! Take a page out of Taurus' book and work smarter, not harder when it comes to conjuring cash. FirmeArte's "Gimme Dat Money" spell scrub is empowered with magical intention and made with ingredients like Mexican Cinnamon + Orange Peel. The money-green shade of the scrub works some major earthy color magic, and it smells like the wealthiest witch you know. 100% Vegan + Cruelty Free! 




Yes, another Taurus pick for the bath/shower--but what can we say!? This sign loves some self-care, and so should everyone! Earth energy often gravitates towards nature...after all, EARTH is our very own planet! In fact, some astrologers say that if Earth had planetary rulership over any sign, it would be Taurus! Get the forest-bathing experience from your haus with this fresh + woodsy wash from Mater Soap! Made with Sage, Vetiver, and Rosemary combine to create a scent that's warm, earthy, and invigorating all at once! Our HWIC says it "smells like you're taking a shower in an enchanted forest"!




Speaking of enchanted forests...get ready to make your whole haus smell like one. The Lighthaus Sacred Ground Floor Cleaner is a concentrated floor cleaner made with natural ingredients and no nasties! Even better? It's made with oils of Fir, Arborvitae, and Cedarwood so your floors are left sparkly clean and smelling of a fresh, forest grove. All Lighthaus products are also infused with gem essences to keep the energy of your haus in tip-top shape. Black Tourmaline + Moss Agate go to work in this formula to ground us + connect us to Earth energy. Of ALL our lovely cleaning products, we think this one does the MOST when it comes to shifting the "vibe" in a haus. 




Tauruses are creatures of comfort. They love to LOUNGE--but they're almost always doing it in style. Channel your inner Taurus this month and cuddle up to one of our Color Magic Linen Pillows. Any shade will do (you can find the color magic associations for each color on our shop listing), but we think the Dark Green shade (which casts a color spell for abundance, nature, and fertility) feels especially Taurean. If you're sensing a "foresty" theme here...you're right! What else would you expect from fixed Earth?? Made with 100% linen because Taurus is NOT here for scratchy or uncomfortable fabrics...ESPECIALLY when it comes to pillows! 




Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, creativity, and what we value. Taurus is also a sucker for a good RITUAL. Get the best of both worlds with one of our Venus Spell Candles from Goddex Apothecary. Light during your self-love rituals to amplify your intention and bask in the flattering amber glow of 100% organic beeswax. These stunning figures are hand-poured in Rhode Island and and adorned with Copper leaf...a metal that Venus adooores! These are ALMOST too beautiful to burn...but let's be honest: give a witch a candle, and we'll burn it! 




Taurus is also known for their love of FOOD...probably because this sign is so connected to the body + their senses! A great meal is a FULL sensory experience, after all! Embrace your inner gourmet + let EVERYONE know where you stand with this cheeky apron! Taurus doesn't back down when it comes to their values-- probably part of the reason they have a reputation for stubbornness. When it comes to smashing the patriarchy, we don't see any reason to back down! Cotton-linen blend, machine-washable!


Got your apron ready but NO clue how to start making actual MAGIC in the kitchen? Snake Hair Press has you covered with this handy fold-out zine that acts as a guide to "accessible herbs for everyday magic". Inside, you'll find the magical associations of a dozen easy-to-find/commonly used culinary herbs like salt, bay leaves, basil, rosemary, and more! Use these associations to cook with more intention or create magical recipes! The reverse side features a reproduction of “Noni’s Kitchen Witch”, making this one part zine, one part wall art! 


It’s no secret that this sign loves a good nap...they need their rest (and honestly, so do the rest of us)! The Dream Oil from Under Aurora is perfect for taking nap or bedtime to the next level! Indulge in the simple ritual of applying this oil blend to temples or other pulse points before sleep to enhance dreamwork and encourage deep rest—or massage into tired muscles for soothing. Made with mugwort, hops, chamomile, ylang-ylang, Vetiver, and neroli, you’ll be floating off to Cloud 9 in no time!  




Taurus may be most closely associated with The Hierophant in Tarot, but we think this sign also has big Queen of Pentacles energy! Like we said, Earth signs are all about those resources, and Money Witch is the best of the best at helping us sort out such things! This zine is unlike any "budgeting book" you've ever read and offers a total reframe of some patriarchal myths about money. You'll find magical tips for increasing abundance as well as super-practical advice about how to budget (without crushing your soul). There's even an incredible "Rich Witch" playlist inside AND a link to a handy spreadsheet to get you started on your own Queen of Pentacles journey! 



Taurus is known for their affinity for creating warm, welcoming, and cozy spaces. They're also known for their excellent taste (though this viewpoint may be a bit biased since the witch writing these 'scopes is a Taurus)! Mid-Century Modern design is known for its clean-yet-warm-and-inviting vibe, and there's a reason this style has become a classic! Familiar, reliable, and elegant...just like Taurus! The Anecdote Mid-Century Modern Candle has warm notes of Amber + Vanilla with the perfect Springtime touches of Jasmine, Orange, and Lavender. This treasure fills your haus with an aroma that will make you want to linger + lounge...we encourage you to do just that! 




We couldn't pick just ONE fave crystal for Taurus! After all, sparkly Earth treasures just SCREAM this sign's name! So we picked 3! Our "One With Nature" spell pouch includes tumbled Amazonite for ecological awareness, Kiwi Jasper for unity, and Tree Agate for big Forest Witch vibes! Tree Agate is also incredibly soothing + grounding for when you need to come back down to Earth a la cool + collected Taurus. Whether you're a City Witch who needs to bring the forest to you or a hiking witch looking for some crystal companions to elevate your experiences with nature...this one's for you! (Naturally, any Taurus in your life will love it, too!)




The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.