We burst through our seed's body

To touch warm earth

To grow into Light?

Spiraling upwards, we'll throw our petals;

Arms to the sky

To collect the Rain, Air and Love

We are made of.

I channeled this poem, standing in the rain looking out into my (first) backyard on this new moon in Taurus. Many feels.

Retrograde for Days

With so many planets in retrograde and the forever-grey skies and rain we seem to be experiencing on the East Coast—there is definitely a "slow and steady wins the race" vibe out here. In fact, it's clear that there is no race at all. Pops of delicate and colorful life are sprouting up along the cracks in the sidewalks and it feels like the ancient and infinite momentum of a drum this spring, rather than the lightning she usually rides in on. The buds and birds, taken for granted in the past, suddenly feel like revolutionaries for even continuing to show up. It's all amazing. My heart cracks open with every delicate bloom who opens themselves vulnerably to whatever may or may not come—and I want to do the same.

The silent progression of Nature reassures us. We can be bold and vulnerable and we can trust Life and expect miracles, no matter what is going on "out there." We still have control over how we feel and what we think about and so what we are creating. The key is to align ourselves with the cycles of Nature and abundance, and throw our arms out to receive what we need. If we choose to, we can ground deep into our bodies and witness the beautiful rebirth process happening within and all around.

Be Open to the Right Stuff

The meditation I wrote for last night's new moon was inspired by the poem I shared with you, and is intended to open us up to receiving. This moon cycle carries so much life and energy that is ready for us, sometimes all we need to do is get open to the right stuff. This feels like one of those times.

Take some time to write down what you'd like to receive for nourishment this month, get comfy and enjoy!



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