Tarot Dressing: A former fashion stylist and forever witch plays dress up with the Major Arcana.


.the lovers.

The Lovers are partners. They represent a harmony that, through their trust in one another, gives them strength to overcome any obstacle. Together they have made important choices, because in one another, they have each come across something that they recognize as their mirror self, and they know that they are instinctively meant for each other, even if that means diverging off of their chosen path. This choice, even though it most often isn't easy, is almost always right, and results in a harmony that reflects itself through every element of their beings. This balance is an accumulation of the emotional and practical guidance of the Empress and the Emperor, and the "question authority" attitude of the Hierophant. The lovers can ultimately be summed up by paraphrasing poet Robert Frost. They took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

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