Boston Feminists for Liberation is compiling
women’s thoughts, feelings and experiences
around gaslighting and invalidation.

After years of being told things like our mental illness is
clouding our judgment, sexism can only affect us if we let it, or
events that have haunted us for years aren’t as bad as we
think, it’s hard to truly trust ourselves. We hope that sharing
what we want and reading each other’s submissions will
remind us that we’re not “crazy”— that our perceptions are
accurate — and that we’re not alone in being treated as
unreliable sources on our own lives.

We’ll accept submissions in any form (PDF, Google Docs, etc.)

Please e-mail if you want to send in a hard copy.
Graphic/upsetting material is welcome, and will be
put in a specific section behind a clear warning

For more information and to submit work: