Tarot Dressing: A former fashion stylist and forever witch plays dress up with the Major Arcana.

This week, we meet the Empress and the Emperor. I decided to put them together because they are the original power couple of the Major Arcana. Equally strong on their own, together they represent the Yin and the Yang, a soft kind of strength contrasted against one that is a little more forceful. The Empress is your archetypical Earth Mama, while her partner the Emperor is a little bit more authoritative. The Empress can't wait to kick off her flower heels for bare feet, while the Emperor means business in her stilettos. The Empress offers an invitation to open up and let the Universal forces of love and creativity fill you up, while the Emperor serves as a reminder that the best knowledge is, in fact, achieved through experience. Let your inner Empress open you up and guide you to all that is love, creativity, and expansion, and count on your inner Emperor to guide you through it with wisdom.

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