Image by: Nathaniel Russell[/caption]

So, the one piece of internet that made me smile this week was this image, for obvious reasons.

I honestly never resonated with calling myself a witch (until recently because fuck ya I am) and I've never put a hex on anyone but I do know I am magic and that my energy has the power to create, attract and destroy. But that's true for all of us - so I guess we're all witches! Go ahead, let's say it's safe now. Lol I love how this image celebrates the unseen artillery we yield when we know our Selves...and *everyone* deserves to feel that kind of discrete power. United, ancient, wise and connected.

No human needs to feel despair in the face of chaos around her once she knows what she is capable of. So, let's expand this idea of empowered shifters, witches and spells intended for specific and positive social change to include everyone, with some scientific proof that we're all witches. Let's expand the club. It's time.

About 4 years ago, I burned myself out with the constant need for learning every little thing that was "wrong" with the world. I exhausted myself and YouTube - researching each conspiracy and pesticide until I felt so angry and hopeless and was just wishing to get picked up in a ship by a more evolved race. A sentiment I'm sure many of you can share, especially lately. It was around that time that quantum physics was calling to me. Every personal development book, every Ted talk - there it would pop up again and again. I found myself totally absorbed in it's message of liberation and limitlessness.

Don't let the words "quantum physics" sound scary or uninteresting. I barely passed every basic math class I've ever taken. Quantum physics is simply showing us that *anything* is possible and I like that. Let's break it down.

Whether you cast spells, hexes, or manifest with vision boards or pray - those practices are all based on the innate knowing that we do, in fact, influence our reality. Those are all ways to work with the quantum-ness of this Universe - the unsold, the multidimensional and unknown. We do these things to help create a desired effect because we have faith and cellular memory of our conjuring abilities and connection to unseen forces. Deep down, we know our spirit team is listening and helping in whatever way they can. Deep inside we know we can attract and receive our dreams just by emitting the vibration of gratitude. Energy, works.

We have heard it before, *everything* is energy. Because it's true. At the core of everything seen and unseen, at the basic level of life, we have atoms, and then around those we have electrons. When I was growing up, learning physics in high school and college, whatever part of me that was actually absorbing information imagined electrons like either flat dots in a football field lol or like little buzzing bees. I dunno. Anyways, if Im picking up with they're putting down *now* - it turns out electrons *really* are WAVES of potential energy. AND how they "behave" is dependent on the expectations of the OBSERVER - us. Let's go ahead and say that again: EVERYTHING in the Universe and all we see, is made of WAVES of limitless potential energy, and we can manipulate that energy with our intention, focus and attention. We can *influence* the nature of our *reality* with our energy and most importantly our BELIEFS. The actual energy all around us, these electromagnetic waves, seem to RESPOND to our expectations. There is a sentient nature to it. Are you still with me? Good! The more we KNOW and BELIEVE that we are influencing our reality the more and faster we do. Because we *are* it. When I really GOT that, I knew I wasn't ever helpless. I was the opposite of helpless and I began manifesting very quickly.

Ok. So. What are we talking about here, Jess and what's it got to do with real life right now? Well, look around. I guess my whole big punchline is that we are all able to cast our love potions for humanity. We can all become the "quantum activists" of our own lives. Turns out that old nut Walt Disney was telling the truth. Believe in magic. Believe in the power of your words and thoughts as magic that can change the world. The power of one person who truly believes they are creating with their intention, is thousands of times more magnetic than someone who is on auto pilot. Someone who says "well, there's not much I can do about it..." is probably right. While the witch who confidently visualizes her best day or the most compassionate president in office, is helping to create that in real ways.

The Earth is thirsty for her people to remember their natural powers - more and more everyday and whatever it takes to turn that on for you, let's find that. You don't have to resonate as a witch but do know that you're a powerful bad ass with limitless potential energy at your gorgeous green finger nails; your joy and confidence the catalyst to its' activation.

And while we can't/don't need to control everything that happens around us, we can control how we react and how we will invest our energy, if at all.

We can all feel a certain climaxing of intangible energy in the collective. If the pressures of external life
- be it politics, natural disaster or tragedy - become overwhelming it is your right, rather your responsibility, to shut it off. Even before then. You don't owe the world grief. Take time to center and feel what you know to be true. Your happiness and freedom is our medicine.

But, if you feel the call and you're itchy to make waves - do it. "In a gentle way, shake the world." I believe this is what Ghandi was referring to - understanding and owning one's true power and shifting the world from the inside out. If you can see through the madness, feel for your people and are still able to hold love and visions for a healthy planet and humanity in your heart - DO IT and *believe* you're doing it. Cast your spells, pray, hex, speak up, envision, know, feel. Help create our new now. slay, witch.



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.