Spellcrafting for Sweeter Sleep

Spellcrafting for Sweeter Sleep

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by Personal Rainbow Reader Kalyn Anderson/@kaleidoscoperitual

In a perfect world, we'd all float off to sleep the moment our heads hit the pillow. No tossing and turning through the night. No waking up in an anxious sweat. No nightmares. Of course, this isn't a perfect world and the perfect night of sleep is a lofty goal--but that doesn't mean you can't work a little magic to sweeten up your sleepy-time! 

Earlier this month, Erica took us on a deep dive into sourcing ethical "soft goods" and shared some simple magic to enchant your bedsheets. I wanted to take one step further into the "woo" of it all and share some of my favorite tried-and-true crystals, plant pals, and colors for sweeter sleep. (As a Taurus, I'm practically an EXPERT at lounging in bed.)

Sleep is important not only because a restful night of sleep makes us FEEL GOOD, but it's also a powerful space for witches to spend time in! In our sleep, we can have access to dreams, intuition, and messages that we may not be open to or perceive during our waking life! The time/conditions for a good night of sleep are privileges, but working a little sleep magic could give your rest a boost...with little to no extra time or money required. I encourage you to get creative with these suggestions, and feel free to mix and match them as you see fit! I've provided a few examples of ways to use each category, but these are by no means the ONLY ways you could use these magical components. 

The Crystals

  • Amethyst | Amethyst is probably the most well-known crystal for sleep. The watery, calming, and intuitive energy of this crystal is perfect for soothing the nerves and letting dreams full of wisdom flow through. Some even say Amethyst helps them remember their dreams more fully upon waking!
  • Howlite | This is one of my personal favorites for sleep. Howlite has a cool, clearing energy like a soft, white cloud...perfect for floating off to dreamland! Howlite helps to release stress, tension, and anxiety so that mental chatter can stop keeping you up at night! 
  • Lepidolite | Lepidolite is rich in the mood-stabilizing mineral Lithium (also found in sea water, soil, and every organ in the human body)! Although you won't be eating it, the balancing and calming vibrations of this purple stone can still help soothe any heightened emotions keeping your brain and body buzzing too late into the night.
  • Selenite | While the other crystals on this list are especially calming/relaxing, Selenite is ultimately CLARIFYING. I like to keep a Selenite tower in my bedroom to consistently "filter" out stagnant or malicious energy that might cause restlessness or nightmares! (This crystal is such an MVP there's a WHOLE Community Page article about it!)
  • Other Suggestions: Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite

How To Use:

  • Place any of these crystals near your bed (or even under your pillow)!
  • Meditate with any of these crystals before bed. Place on the forehead to ease the mind, the chest to soothe the heart, or the pelvis to calm the body. Of course, you can also hold them right in your hands!
  • Create a gem essence to take before bed OR mist over your sheets/pillows.

The Plants

  • Lavender | Even the least witchy among us has probably used Lavender to relax at some point! The aroma of this plant is so soothing it's become ubiquitous in the wellness world. 
  • Ylang-Ylang | Ylang-Ylang is a flowering tree whose white flowers produce a fragrance that is both soothing and sensual...perfect for the bedroom! This plant packs a one-two-punch by soothing the nerves AND acting as an aphrodisiac! 
  • Jasmine | Jasmine has been magically associated with the Moon, and the potent scent/energy of this flower can help balance our nerves and connect us more deeply to our spirit (excellent for dreamwork)! Like Ylang-Ylang, it can also act as an aphrodisiac. True Jasmine oil can be extremely expensive, so making a Jasmine Flower essence with fresh flowers can be a less-costly alternative to work with the energy of this plant, rather than the scent.
  • Mugwort | If sweet (or even lucid) dreams are what you're after, look to Mugwort. While not especially aromatic, this plant can be used in teas, essences, and tinctures to facilitate sleep and dream-work. Brenda has written an entire article on her work with Mugwort...definitely worth a read!
  • Other Suggestions: Clary Sage, Chamomile, Vanilla, Spearmint

How To Use: 

  • The essential oils of these plants can be diffused into your room before/during bedtime using an electronic diffuser or tealight oil-warmer! You can also mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle to create your own room/linen spray! 
  • Keep a potted version of any of these plants near your bed or in your bedroom! I recently picked up a potted Lavender plant at the grocery store, despite a quick search revealing that they don't always grow well inside (it was so well-priced I just HAD to!) Surprise--it's thriving in my extra-sunny bedroom window, and watching the purple flowers bloom (and release that ULTRA-relaxing scent) is a dream all its own!
  • Mix any of these dried plants into a spell sachet for sleep and keep it under your pillow!
  • Brew a before-bed tea (ahem, potion) with your chosen plants. Make sure to check that they're safe to ingest/won't interact with any health conditions or medications first.
  • Hang dried plants above or around your bed so they can infuse the space with their energy and watch over you while you rest!

The Colors

  • Blue | Shades of blue tend to put our minds at ease...maybe they make our brains think of the sky or the sea. Studies have found that blue hues (especially the lighter ones) have a calming effect, and could even help you sleep longer! Use shades of blue to induce tranquility and peace.
  • White | White is a color that can allow our eyes to "rest", and often makes a space feel crisp, clean, and spa-like. If a noisy mind is what keeps you from getting your Zzz's, decorating your bedroom in shades of White (and minimizing clutter) could make some big practical magic!
  • Green | Like blue, shades of green can remind us of nature (thereby calming our nerves and inspiring feelings of ease and optimism). Green is also a beautiful color for healing/working with the heart, so if difficult emotions have you tossing and turning, shades of green can ground + support you like a baby in a cradle.
  • Purple | This is the only color I've listed that you might want to avoid going overboard on in the bedroom (purple walls could actually negatively impact sleep). In terms of color magic, though, purple can help deepen our connection to intuition and spirituality. For those looking to do some dreamwork, incorporating bits of purple into your space/rituals could help amplify the messages you receive. Opt for bits like purple pillow-cases, pajamas (or a lavender plant or Amethyst crystal) rather than reaching for the paint can!

How To Use:

  • One of my favorite things about color magic is that you can really use it ANY way you like! Color is everywhere!
  • Take a colorful bath before bed.
  • Decorate your bedroom or buy bedding/pillowcases in these shades.
  • Wear pajamas in these shades.
  • Create a "sleep altar" near your bed that includes items in your chosen "sleep" colors. (Any of the plants/crystals I touched on here would also make great additions to a sleep altar!)

I hope this is a helpful round-up of the kinds of raw materials you can combine to create your own spells for sweet sleep! As always, your magic is your magic--so get creative, listen to your intuition, and work with the spell ingredients that feel most powerful to YOU! 



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