Scorpio Season Treasurescopes

Scorpio Season Treasurescopes

On Saturday we welcome to Scorpio season, witches!! This water-sign is known for having Big Witch Energy! Like most water-signs, they tend to be deeply intuitive, sensitive (though Scorpios have a tendency to put on a tough-guy front), and are often interested in things that may be considered mysterious or taboo. So, yeah--you could say they're pretty witchy. 

This season is a wonderful time to embrace mystery, experiment with all-black ensembles, tune into your intuition, or courageously rebel against the status quo. The scorpion can also have a tendency to sting first, ask questions later when this energy is out of balance, so pay attention to your boundaries this season...where could they perhaps use a little softening? Where could they use some reinforcement? 

The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Scorpio (don't forget our Scorpio Astrology Essence)! You can also shop the whole Scorpio Season treasure collection here! 

"Night of Flowers" Secret Spell Candle

Most Scorpios we know are true romantics at heart, even if they don't always wear it on the sleeve of their fave black leather jacket. Our Night of Flowers altar candle is a secret spell for romance with just the right amount of spice to keep any Scorpio (or anyone at all, really) intrigued! Soy Much Brighter combined notes of rose, clove, and musk to make us a romantic candle with a hint of mystery unlike any a moonlit tryst in a rose garden! (If something incense-y is more your Scorpio season speed, try "Astrological Storming" by Anecdote Candles: "smells like Full Moons and Mercury in retrograde"...which smell like sandalwood and incense!


Palmistry Guidebook + Hand Printing Kit

Scorpio season is the perfect time to explore the mystical arts...why not try your hand at palmistry? (See what we did there?) This beautiful Palmistry Guidebook by Helene Saucedo provides step-by-step instructions for deciphering the lines of your palm AND includes everything you need to make a detailed print of your own palm with notes! Your hands have so much to say--just learn to speak their language! If cartomancy is more your style, check out our Snake Hair Scopa Deck for a beautifully detailed something different!



"I'm Gone" Ghost Pin

Like we said, this season is an opportune time to pay extra attention to your boundaries...which sometimes means saying "seeya never" to situations where your boundaries or energy aren't respected! These adorable Ghost Pins are the perfect reminder that you're allowed to say "I'm gone..." whenever you want. (Just maybe don't actually ghost people...communication is key!)


Hades' Helm Ritual Bath Salts

Scorpio season is all about embracing mystery, and the new Hades' Helm Bath Salts from Erin's Apothecary let you bathe in it. This inky-black bath is inspired by 

 Hades' Helmet of Darkness, which "renders the wearer undetectable so that they may slip into the shadows." Made on the Dark Moon by one of the most magical bath witches we know with Cypress, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Lavender oils--as well as mint leaves from Erin's very own garden and an Obsidian crystal. This one is herbal, enchanting, and shadowy...just the way we like it during Scorpio season!


Hexing the Patriarchy Spellbook

Scorpio's sturdy armor and compassionate (and sometimes rebellious) nature often makes them courageous challengers of oppressive status quos. Add in some witchcraft and you've got the perfect Scorpio season cocktail. Hexing the Patriarchy by Ariel Gore is a book full of "potions, spells, and magical elixirs to embolden the resistance". You'll find salt scrubs to scrub away patriarchal bullshit, patriarchy-smashing ancestor work, and even a spell from our own head-witch-in-charge! If you'd rather keep it simple, we also have a Simple Spell Against the Patriarchy from Snakehair Press that includes a zine/poster and salt-infused protective ritual soap! (Oh--and our Hex the Patriarchy Obsidian Points and gold-metallic Hex the Patriarchy Print...are you sensing a theme here?)

"Protection Spell" Suncatcher

Are you sick of us talking about boundaries yet? Hopefully not, because they're super important! (And if we're honest...a lot of you ask us about magic for boundaries!!) These Protection Spell Suncatchers by Hills and Holler can be used to cast a sigil spell for protection over your haus...and will cast rainbows over your room when placed on window with direct sunlight! Scorpio doesn't let anyone they don't trust get too close...and you don't have to either! Keep the boundaries of your space protected so that any heebie-jeebies get left at the door!



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.