Okay witches, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, THE BIG REVEAL! Here’s some juicy AFTER shots:

Okay! Open your eyes! (Get it? Like we’re on an HGTV show.)

Clothing storage but make it fashun?

I love this little haus shaped haus so much!


I’m sorry, did someone order a cozy corner sunnyside up?

This kitchen literally makes me squeal every time I’m in it. Cutest vibes ever.

I spy a Nude Witch illustration…

Radically honest bathroom moment.

As with the other rooms we based the bathroom color pallet around Missy G’s art. Doesn’t everyone have a huge labradorite in their bathroom?

Can you stand it? Neither can I!

OH! Something important that I haven’t mentioned yet is that Missy G already had a lot of the awesome, bold pieces of art to work with and that played a huge part in the end result. Everything except The “YES” print from Bread & Puppet Theater, which was gifted to my wife and I for our wedding. Again, we have no place for it right now so Missy agreed to babysit. Which is good because it also happens to be perfect for her space.

I almost stayed on budget too! But I did end up going over. But we can talk about that later! FOR NOW LET’S LOOK AT MY FAVORITE THINGS INSTEAD!

Pillows on pillows on pillows. All pillow everything. Pillows AF. Obviously we knew there was going to be a lot of velvet, but the pillows serve another function as well, which is why we needed like 75 of them. Missy G wanted to be able to have a couch AND a bed, but since there was just no space for something like that I told her we could “pillowscape” in such a way that would create the shape of a couch with her bed. So that’s what we did. The gold sequin pillow is my favorite and I even bought one for my own haus too! Shoutout to Coven member Lauren for the free grey and white tassel-y ones!

The mirrored nightstand was a really nice little find that had a certain 70’s  glamour disco vibe that I really wanted to bring in. I found it vintage shopping on a day that my card was too full of other old furniture to safely transport a heavy table made entirely of glass so I had to abandon it. When I couldn’t stop thinking about it a week later I decided to go back and see if it was still there. AND IT WAS! PLUS IT WAS $5 CHEAPER! That table was $20 and it is in MINT condition btw. The heart lamp was a sweet little IKEA sale item I thought could serve some “red light special” type mood-lighting purposes, and also I love to go heavy-handed on a theme. Love Shack + Heart Lamp = DUH.

I didn’t really know what I was going to do about clothing storage and then I was looking at Store Supply Warehouse for something store-related and these amazing pink clothing racks came up. I was like, “Well, that would be crazy, but she does have fabulous clothes that she loves… and she definitely loves the experience of shopping…” PLUS, I love the idea of using clothing as art. Missy G is an avid vintage collector and so why not show off her collection? AMIRIGHT? I will say that online the color of the clothing racks was more of a candy pink than the insane NEON that it ended up being, but Missy G loved it anyways so there you have it. Also also, it was only $34!


Around the time I was finishing up my Rose Quartz Velvet scavenger hunt, our dear friend Liz from Mayflower Vintage was like, “Do you need another lamp? I have a mid century millennial pink and gold lamp at my haus but I have nowhere to put it!” Now, you guys know how I feel about lamps in general, so I was like, “Ummmm, what? Of course I want the free lamp that is perfect in every single way for this room thank you very much!”

The dining nook is too cute. I’m so happy with the table and chairs that I found, and truly love that the single pink plate on top of it cost more than the whole set! LOL. That corner is a tight squeeze so finding the right size table was a challenge. All along I planned on buying a table from IKEA but I realized the one I had in mind would be too big so I had to scramble to find one used/vintage. This one has sides that can drop down if she needs more/less room and I thought that versatility was nice. Once I got the idea to have bentwood cafe chairs for extra seating I couldn’t let it go, so this set was a true Craigslist miracle. With more time/money I might’ve done something else to the chairs or put some seat cushions on them. The caning is in perfect shape though and I was out of money so I left em’ as is.

And of course, my girl, Lola the show bench. She was one of the first things I found for the space. She had some sad, old trim in a state I would call “falling off almost completely.” This was my only DIY project for this space, and it made me so happy to be back in the business of making old furniture cute again. But really all I did was buy the tassel trim at Joann’s and fabric glue it on. Couldn’t have been easier and now old Lola gets another life. The lid opens up to a secret hiding space too!

Okay so here’s how the money part all shook out. Could I have come in on budget? Of course! Did I make executive decisions that caused me to go over budget? Of course! I’ll go into more of that with VOL. 4.

Budget Breakdown:

Bed sheets $26
Comforter $70 (on Sale)
Pillows Shams $46 (on sale)
Small night stand $20 (vintage)
Red velvet curtains $60
Kitchen runner rug $42
Kitchen Bench: $5 (Craigslist)
Kitchen Bench cushions X 3 $54 (H&M not online)
Small kitchen table $40 (Craigslist)
Utensils $10
Cooking Utensils (spatulas, etc) $6
Pots and pans $30
French press $10
Towels $21
Washcloths $5
Bath mat: $20
 Gold floor: $30
            Pink $10 (IKEA not online)
            Heart $7
Clothes hamper $16
Clothing rack $34
Kitchen cart $20 (IKEA via Craigslist)
Cutting board for kitchen sink $20
Potholder X 2 $10
Assorted pillows:
            Rose w/ fringe $7
            Red tassel $4
            Millennial pink velvet $2
            Pink furry $7
            Small pink velvet $1
            Green velvet $2
            Inserts $6 X 6= $36
Urban Outfitters:
            Gold $40
            Flower $34 (on sale)
Footstool $25 (vintage)
Side chair $10 (Craigslist)
Record player table $7 (TJ Maxx)
Tea tins $6
YES print: Free
Grey and white pillows: Free

    Okay folx, that’s all for now. Tune in next time for some BEFORE/AFTER goodness, a little more about my process, and maybe a little Self Love Spell too! But only if you’re good!

    The moon is in Capricorn and the Witches say, “Sing to Diana”.

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