Presents for Everywitch: 2023 HausWitch Holiday Gift Guide

Presents for Everywitch: 2023 HausWitch Holiday Gift Guide

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Everyone witches differently, but we've got you covered! Here are some ideas to surprise + awe every magic maker on your list. Check out Treats Under $20 for gifts that give the most bang for your buck (so you can get a little something for you, too)!

For the Haus Witch

A HausWitch knows that every object is a spell, so gift some intentional interior design that will vibe up their space! Our Secret Spell Pillows are discreet sigils for Comfort, Harmony, or Protection and pair perfectly with Color Magic Linen Pillows. The Counter Magick cleaning line was formulated for turning hauscare routines into rituals, and sparkle sponges make chore day feel a lot more fun! Exclusive tiny altar dishes by our friend Christina Kosinski can hold rings or sacred somethings, and reversible candleholders can transform from tapers to tealights with a flip of the wrist! Don't forget HausMagick for magical interior inspo, and check out the whole haus witch gift list for all of our suggested devotional decor. 


For the Kitchen Witch

Everyone should have a kitchen witch in their friend group! Hint at a dinner party with Please Wait To Be Tasted (a cookbook by the most magical restaurant we've ever visited) and bring a Simmer Spell as the perfect host gift! "Everything Nice" sugar + salt bowls help season seasoning with magic, and so can our exclusive Crystal Essences if you're feeling especially festive! Plus a whole collection of intentional teas, mugs to hold em, and even ethical gourmet chocolate that would make an amazing mousse! For the feminist chef, gift a Smash The Garlic And The Patriarchy apron to protect their clothes and energy! Check out the whole culinary gift collection here

For the Weed Witch

Hey we get it, we created a whole candle inspired by the vibe of smoking weed on the couch. Any of these plus a pre-roll would be the perfect gift for us! Cloud Nine and Half-Moon pipes are designed to look great in your space even when not in use, and no one would dare bic a Big Witch Energy lighter ;) No toking corner is complete without a Hazy Days, Fully Baked, or Psychedelic Fleurs print, OR think beyond the fog: get high and do a puzzleCat person is perfect for the familiar-loving stoner, bonus points if you gift some catnip too! Take a trip through the whole Weed Witch collection. 

For the Astro Witch

For the budding astrologer, a book like You Were Born for This is the perfect accessible starter guide while The Library of Esoterica: Astrology offers an overview of the art history surrounding the stars. Postcolonial Astrology is also a MUST READ for anyone who's ever read a horoscope! If they already know everything in the sky, try a handmade Zodiac beaded bracelet (by our own shop manager Caroline!) to show off their prominent placements, or a locally brewed Astrology Flower Essence for aligning with seasonal vibes. Help decorate their charting space with the Calcite Sky Crystal collection, or plan the year ahead with the Small Spells 2024 Astrological Calendar! Explore the whole Astro Witch collection here. 

For The Glamour witch

All acts of love and pleasure are their rituals! Bath bombs by Goddex Apothecary are an obvious choice (especially this Mystery Crystal bath bomb!), and pairing with a Night of Flowers, Sirens, or Goddex Beeswax candle creates the perfect self-love spell! Glamour magicians are shape shifters, so luckily Holoduck makes tri-color elemental hair dye for those experimental beauties. Radiance Oil can seal in self-care vibes post-shower, and keeping Rose Quartz around is always the right move for boosting love and beauty! Check out the whole Glamour Witch collection here. 

For The Green Witch

Your guide to gifts for the devoted Plant Parent! For the home growers, these hausplant trellises have been a big hit, and Heal the Earth Prayer Candles are the perfect addition to turn watering day into a full spell. Immunity Now is great for our wild foragers out in the winter woods at the crack of dawn, and botanical lotion by 3rd Ritual can heal hardworking hands after! For a more scholarly approach theres The Library of Esoterica: Plant Magick or the practical guide Radical Remedies. Not a gardener but still loves herbs? These dried Daydream Eucalyptus bundles by Cathering Rising are an ethical alternative to smoke cleansing with White Sage.  

For the Witch-Curious

Friend or family member peeking beyond the veil? We've got plenty of accessible witchcraft for the new or curious practitioner. DIY Witchcraft is a simple guide to creating a craft from scratch, suitable for every age. Our HausCraft spell kits are ready-to-go rituals that come with helpful instructions for anyone to follow, and mix n match taper candles are an awesome introduction to color magick. Starting a tarot study? The Smith Waite deck is a classic for beginners or traditionalists and even comes in a Glow In The Dark version! For calling in power from the pop culture witches who influenced us all gift a Flaming Idols Famous Witch votivePeruse the whole Witch-Curious Collection here!



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.