Pluto in Aquarius and You

Pluto in Aquarius and You

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by Sea

The (dwarf) planet Pluto is the definition of small but mighty. Ruling the sign of Scorpio in modern astrology and named for the Roman god of the underworld (an avatar of Hades), Pluto can be intimidating. It’s been described as a phoenix, master of death and rebirth. In less poetic terms, its energy has also been called radioactive: it can be a stable force of power or an agent of absolute destruction (and maybe even a source of superpowers).

On March 23, Pluto took its first steps into Aquarius for the first time since the 1700s. It will remain there until June 11, when it retrogrades back into Capricorn. 2024 will bring another round of back and forth until November 19, when it will enter Aquarius for good until its first visit to Pisces in 2043. These 80 days are a sneak peak that will contain clues about where you’ll be experiencing its transformative power for the next 20 years.

Aquarius is a revolutionary sign that can see a better future for the collective and isn’t afraid to act on it. Opposing Leo, the sign of Kings, it’s no wonder that the last time Pluto was here, we saw the French Revolution (bye-bye monarchy), the American Civil War (a fight to make good on the promise of all men being created equal), the Haitian Revolution (a new state established by self-liberated people who had been enslaved) and the Industrial Revolution (which used technology –another Aquarius signature – to change how the common people live and work, for better and for worse). Inequality is still a relevant issue in the 2020s and Pluto’s journey through Aquarius is bound to transform society once again.

There’s a reason Pluto is considered a generational planet. With decades-long journeys through the signs, the impact it has on us tends to be more collective than individual. That’s no reason to ignore its placement in your chart, though, as both its relationship to other planets and points and the house it’s located in personalize its transformative, big-picture energy. Today, we’re going to focus on the latter.

Using your rising sign, identify which house Pluto will be journeying through for you. This signifies where in your life you can expect to feel its impact. This provides a chance to notice opportunities for transformation. But there are two things to keep in mind:

1. There’s something very inevitable about Pluto’s energy. It comes in to clear the way and there’s not much you can do about it. This can be both stressful and freeing. Something in your life is going to change, so focus more on dealing with it as it happens rather than trying to predict and manipulate what’s going on. You can trust that what is happening is creating space for something better if you release resistance and take the opportunity to grow.

2. I’ve noticed that people who worry about astrological transits tend to have a harder time with them. Astrology gives us a language (one of many) to talk about what’s going on for us personally and collectively. Approaching it from a neutral or even solutions-oriented perspective is a lot healthier than facing it with fear. Knowing where Pluto is in your chart allows you to see where the inevitable destruction that’s part of life creates room for enormous potential. But if you’re prone to catastrophizing, fearmongering and getting in your head about things like Mercury retrograde, this article may not be for you. And that’s a-okay. No need to stress yourself out about the next 20 years.

Aquarius Rising/Pluto transiting your 1st house:
This is the transit I just had and you have both my sympathy and my excitement. Pluto in the house of the self means that more than any other rising sign, you will not be the person you currently are 20 years from now. Specifically, when Pluto crosses your Ascendant, you will likely experience some sort of identity crisis. Whatever you consider core to your very being might get a big shakeup. While this can definitely be an intense and trying experience, know that what you uncover will be an even more authentic version of yourself, one that you couldn’t see when you were holding on to your old sense of self. Not everyone gets to experience this kind of glow-up, so when things feel a bit much, remember that if you embrace the process, you are going to deeply love who you are on the other side of this.

Capricorn Rising Rising/Pluto transiting your 2nd house:
This is the house of our values, possessions and profitable skills. It’s where you find the material resources that sustain you and the means to acquire them. In terms of your financial situation, you’ll want to be on top of this transit. If you’re struggling, you might experience your big break. If you’re doing well right now, you’ll want to ensure that you make good decisions so you don’t end up worse than you’re starting off. This transit is likely to lead to a more collective financial upheaval, so make smart decisions. It’s always worth investing in learning skills that improve your earning potential, whether that’s gaining ones that will allow you to earn more at work or developing the ones required to earn money through investments. Seeking the services of a financial advisor to make a plan for your future is not a bad idea and shows Pluto that you’re taking the opportunity to transform your wealth seriously.

Sagittarius Rising/Pluto transiting your 3rd house:
The 3rd house shows us the things close to us: our siblings, local surroundings, minds and the early education that filled them. If Pluto is transiting your third house, expect to change your mind about some things. This may include long held beliefs that originate in childhood, how you feel about your community, your relationship with your siblings and truly anything else, as your mental energy is very expansive. Mental health challenges are possible, but again, remember that Pluto only shakes things up because something better is waiting for you. Rigid thinking will not get you out of this one and going it alone is inadvisable. Therapy can be a powerful ally in transforming the past into a future that you’ll be excited to live in. So can seeking the support of your siblings, childhood friends and others who can understand where you are coming from. Together, you can reframe what you knew and build something better.

Scorpio Rising/Pluto transiting your 4th house:
The home is found in the 4th house. Whether this means a change in living space and/or what you perceive as feeling like home, there is bound to be some upheaval here. Major events involving parents and parental figures might also happen. This can be an opportunity to understand them in a new way and reevaluate your past and origins accordingly. Your family in general (original and/or chosen) might also undergo fundamental changes and how you choose to respond to this is essential. Who deserves to stay in your life? Who needs a second chance (including, possibly, you)? Past assumptions around who has access to your heart should be questioned. Your sense of safety is going to be a big deal during this time and plenty of rest is called for. The boundaries you set (or relax) to protect your peace may be tested during this time, but they’ll ultimately set you up for a more joyful life whether your inner circle expands or contracts.

Libra Rising/Pluto transiting your 5th house:
The 5th house is the home of pleasure, creativity, self-expression, romance and children. Get ready for a revolution in any or all of these areas! A lot of Libra Risings will be exploring their sexuality, while others will go through creative transformations. Overall, this is the corner of your chart that focuses on enjoyment and while that’s not a keyword we typically associate with Pluto, it is a gift it can bring if you are willing to let go of whatever it brings to the chopping block in your life. Looking at what’s holding your back from having an abundance of pleasure in your life will give you some clues as to what you might be ready to let go of: the hobby that has become more work than fun, the relationships that no longer spark joy, the rules that hold you back from exploring something new, the fears that keep your from shining like the Sun. You have the power to address these things and send them packing before Pluto forces the change on you in a less pleasant way.

Virgo Rising/Pluto transiting your 6th house:
Our health, daily routines, pets and the ways we are of service show up in the 6th house. Pluto’s big transformation energy means your day-to-day living is going to undergo some drastic changes. Taking charge here can be very beneficial. Stay on top of your health and don’t delay getting medical attention if you suspect something’s wrong. Look at your habits and make proactive changes when something’s not serving you. Small changes add up to big transformations, so if you can do one little thing differently each day, imagine how much that will pay off in 20 years! Starting a meditation practice, going for daily walks (perhaps with a dog), eating one more vegetable a day, volunteering for an hour once a week... The opportunities for small but beneficial 6th house changes are endless. Find what inspires you and go with it! The effort will be worth it.

Leo Rising/Pluto transiting your 7th house:
Ah, the house of relationships. What doesn’t kill them will make them stronger. You know what’s guaranteed to cause relationship issues during this transit? Clinging. Insisting that things stay the same is laughable in the face of Pluto. Remember that when other people do something, it will tell you at least as much about yourself as it does about them. What annoys the hell out of you is going to be delightful to someone else, so passing judgment on those around you doesn’t serve anyone. But you do get to choose what you accept. You are the only person you can control, so focus on improving yourself. Any close relationships you may have over the next 20 years are fertile ground for transformation. Whether or not they stick around (and they may, so no need to panic), they will be a major source of growth during these two decades.

Cancer Rising/Pluto transiting your 8th house:
The 8th house is home to the taboo: death, sex, the occult, other people’s money. Whatever areas of life you have been prudish about thus far may experience a wake-up call of sorts. The deep, dark and mysterious will gain a greater hold on your life moving forward. So why not embrace it? A strong shadow work practice can help insulate you through this transit, as some intense life experiences are entirely possible. Watch out for darker psychological issues like codependency, control and power struggles, both from others and yourself. That being said, this isn’t all doom and gloom. Sexual revolutions are available to you, as are certain financial potentials. Esoteric secrets also abound here and if you want to deepen your magical practice, these 20 years can help you become a master magician.

Gemini Rising/Pluto transiting your 9th house:
Get ready to have your mind blown. The 9th house is an expansive place that is home to long-distance travel, spirituality, philosophy and higher education of all sorts (think beyond basic mandatory education). A transformation here could involve travel or even an international move that upends your life, but the journey may very well happen in your perspective and understanding. Think you’re secure in how you see the world? Think again. Pluto has a journey just for you and whether you answer the call or not, your life will never be the same. Spoiler alert: Going with the flow of what life has to teach you is going to bring you blessings while resisting a much-needed change in perspective will keep you stuck as your stubborn beliefs are challenged again and again.

Taurus Rising/Pluto transiting your 10th house:
How do you feel about being perceived? The 10th house is our public self and Pluto is here to give you an extreme makeover. Shakeups in career, reputation, ambition, achievements and long-term goals are on the menu. Would you rather be the person who did the impossible or the one who played small and wasted their considerable potential? Remember that Aquarius is a sign of revolution and social good, so you have potential to do something great for the collective. Whatever your dream is, Pluto is here to switch up the circumstances in your life both to ask you how badly you want it and to pave the way for drastic change in support of it. Just remember that the journey is not going to happen the way you think it will, so trust that you are being led to greatness and follow the trail of transformation being paved before you.

Aries Rising/Pluto transiting your 11th house:
Take a good look at your community (or lack thereof) because in 20 years, you’ll be seeing a radically different picture. Whether that means a different set of people or a complete transformation of those in your life, Pluto transiting the 11th house calls for big changes in society and our social lives. Hope and idealism live here, along with all the blood, guts and gore that go into making a revolution happen. Heightened intensity in your friendships is entirely possible and Pluto invites you to look at interpersonal dynamics critically. Those who profess to do good but are acting in self-interest are bound to have a rude awakening during this transit. Act in integrity and the next two decades will reveal your full potential in the social realm.

Pisces Rising/Pluto transiting your 12th house:
The 12th house is a nebulous area of the chart where hidden things lay: metaphorical things like our subconscious, dream worlds and psychic abilities, but also those that society shuns, giving it a traditional association with places like jails, hospitals and mental institutions. For better or for worse, whatever you have rejected and cast aside will be back to remind you of its power. Spiritual, psychological and psychic growth are especially possible at this time, but keep in mind that a lot it it will likely come from facing endings. How you deal with them will play a big role in both your experience of and outcome during the next two decades. Another big factor may be asking for help, as this is an area where we can feel very alone. A skilled therapist, sympathetic spiritual leader, close-knit friend group or helpful mentor can go a long ways in helping make this transit easier on you.

Final notes
If this feels like a lot, remember that Pluto is the planet furthest from the Sun. Its sign in your chart is the placement you are going to share with the largest number of people, as current lifespans don’t allow people with every Pluto sign to live at once. This means that its impact is largely collective, not personal. It will always be somewhere and just because it’s switching signs doesn’t mean the world is ending. It just changes where it’s exerting its force.

Where you are likely to feel Pluto more personally is when it’s interacting with your natal chart. A skilled astrologer will be able to help you understand when and how this is happening. Any planets and points you have in Aquarius can tell you when Pluto is likely to have an oversized impact in your life when it crosses them.

In conclusion, Pluto is like a force of nature. It’s wise to respect it, but fear only hurts ourselves. Know that astrology is a neutral force and treat its workings like the weather: While it impacts you, it is nothing personal. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you get flood insurance. Likewise, act seriously about and build resilience in whatever area of your chart Pluto is transiting. A 20-year journey is a long game and while abrupt changes might happen, you adjust to them over months and years.

If you need proof of this, read about the house prior to the one it’s in now. That’s where Pluto has worked its magic since 2008. While you might have experienced some challenges there, look at the growth! As a Capricorn rising who just had Pluto move through my first house, who I’ve become would seem so foreign to me 15 years ago. The personal upheaval was intense, but I am finally truly happy with who I am – something I could not have said before Pluto crossed my Ascendant and forced me on a journey of self-discovery in areas I never thought to question. Even if the smoke of Pluto in Capricorn is still clearing for you, treasures can be found in its wake. The lessons it taught you will prepare you for the journey of the next 20 years as you transform another area of your life.

Sea is the Intuition Magician, an astro-tarot reader and intuition mentor living on the Naumkeag land known as Salem, Massachusetts with their cats. They combine tarot and astrology to get a full picture of the forces at work in life and use that information to help you craft an authentic path forward. Connect with them on Instagram and find their workbooks, readings and mentorship sessions here



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