“Playing with rocks” has taken on an entirely different meaning to me in the last year. Sure, I’ve always been drawn to rocks because, well—they’re pretty! However, in this past year of looking inward and practicing Reiki I have truly felt the benefits of healing with crystals. I had heard of synchronicity with crystals and never completely got it until the first time that I picked up a piece of selenite.

Everything in the universe has a vibration of its own and rocks are no exception to the rule. When you put a rock in your energy field, it is going to have some sort of effect. Sometimes it’s so subtle that you may not even notice and other times it can be extraordinary. After some brief study of crystals and stones, I decided to pick up a selenite wand. I chose to work with selenite first because of its self-clearing ability and its unique look. The striations are beautiful and make selenite easy to identify.

If you’re wondering what this mineral can do for you and your mind is open to new possibilities, it can help you get in touch with your higher self. It stimulates your emotional body by making it easier to move forward in your life. When you hold it up to your third eye chakra (between your eyebrows), you can feel the energy; almost like wind.

Crystal Clear Messages

For me, it began one Wednesday back in October, when I stumbled upon a nice little rock store in Exeter, NH. I picked up my first selenite wand and instantly sensed a very light and quick vibration coming from it. After tucking my kids into their beds that night, I decided to meditate with my wand. (Meditating with crystals amplifies the experience). I felt very light and clear afterwards, more so than I had ever felt after meditating. I was already hooked. For the next couple of days, I carried the selenite wand around with me everywhere.

I had an energy balancing session that Friday at which I was told by my energy medicine practitioner that my energy field felt like the same texture as selenite! This was coming from Grace (of Flowers & Stars!) who is a very well respected energy medicine practitioner. She had never come to that conclusion in prior sessions and I did not tell her that I was working with selenite! I went home feeling like I was on cloud nine as I always do after seeing Grace.

Saturday morning, after my husband finished blowing leaves in the yard we headed out to do some errands. I got my son into his car seat and I happened to look down at the ground. To my surprise, there was a small piece of selenite sitting in our driveway right next to the garage door. I immediately thought that it was a piece that had broken off my wand. I even questioned my boys about it thinking that maybe they had accidentally dropped it when it wasn’t in my possession. They said they did not. My husband said that he found it by the electrical box while cleaning out the garage. We have lived in this house for three years mind you, and our garage has been thoroughly cleaned multiple times. It was as if this piece of selenite had fallen from the heavens!

Serendipitous Selenite

The next day was Sunday—the day that I would be attuned to the Master Reiki. I couldn’t wait to tell Grace about the selenite falling from the sky the previous day. Upon arrival, I had to step over a gigantic selenite log that was smack dab in the middle of the room! It was HUGE. I had lots of chairs to choose from, however, I felt drawn to sit right next to someone.

When I told the ladies that were in the room about my serendipitous experiences with selenite, the lady that I was sitting next to revealed to me that the selenite log on the floor was in fact hers. She felt compelled to grab it and take it to the Master Reiki training with her as she was leaving her house. That is why I sat where I sat.

This all happened during a very harrowing time in my life. While the political circus was unfolding daily, hurting me to the core, I was also handling an ectopic pregnancy for weeks on end. I chose to focus most of my attention on the small miracles that nature was providing me. The synchronicity I feel from this experience reaffirms my belief that everything happens for a reason.

If you are in the market for small miracles, I highly recommend picking up a piece of selenite, or any other pretty rock that calls to you. Put it in your pocket for the day and just observe.

Laura Edelman is a HausWitch community member, Reiki Master and polarity practitioner. You can find out more about her on her website. Would you like to write for HausWitch? Submit your articles here!



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