Meet the Maker: Counter Magick

Meet the Maker: Counter Magick

Meet the sorcerers behind the suds! Erica Feldmann and Janine Mulone are a glowing example of BFFs who do business in the best, most magical way- with a lot of creativity and a LOT of giggles! Between HausWitch, Counter Magick, Personal Rainbow, and Feel Good Retail these babes are always doing something groundbreaking, now find out what they do to unwind! 

What's your name/pronouns?
Erica Feldmann she/her
What’s your sun/moon/rising? 
When did you start your business? 
Scorpio Season 2021!
What's your favorite color?
Do you have a lucky number?
Where's your favorite place to get takeout?
What's the best show/movie you've seen recently?
I'm rewatching Succession before the new season and it's giving me LIFE. I also just watched The Last of Us, which was really good, but anyone who really knows me knows House of the Dragon is the closest to my heart.  
Who are your favorite famous/fictional witches?
Stevie Nicks, Hildegard of Bingen, Silvia Federici, Kelly Cutrone and The Craft girlies, Thomasin, Mildred Hubble
What's your name/pronouns? Janine (she/her)
What’s your sun/moon/rising? Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising
When did you start your business? November 2021 - she's a scorpio.
What's your favorite color? A bright orange-y red. Miss me with your blue-toned reds. 
Do you have a lucky number? 7 + 17
Where's your favorite place to get takeout? Siam Ginger in Somerville for Thai food is a go-to - it's a little out of the way for me now, but I love it so much so I will make the drive to pick it up. There's also a place by us that delivers insane ice cream sundaes until like 3AM....I'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of my regular self-care routine
What's the best show/movie you've seen recently? Erica mentioned 'Unzipped' to me recently, which I somehow had never seen! It's a documentary following Issac Mizrahi as he creates his Spring 1994 collection and BOY OH BOY what a perfect, fun, playful little romp! 
Who are your favorite famous/fictional witches? I'm currently trying to find my "everyone's favorite aunt" archetype, and the aunts in both Practical Magic and Sabrina The Teenage Witch (90's version) come to mind. Also big fan of Ursula, Martha Stewart, and (obviously) Erica Feldmann!!



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.