May Full Moon Tarotscope: An Awakened Mind, An Enlightened Heart

May Full Moon Tarotscope: An Awakened Mind, An Enlightened Heart

We’ve reached the 5th Full Moon of the year. No matter your circumstance, you will be able to feel this energy.

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We’ve reached the 5th Full Moon of the year. No matter your circumstance, you will be able to feel this energy. Full Moons can act as portals, and this one is no different. This Full Moon is Vesak, or Wesak: an important Buddhist holiday. It commemorates the birth, the enlightenment, and the death of the Buddha. Buddha became enlightened during this Full Moon that took place during Taurus season’s lunation. Sit with yourself, and this Full Moon in Scorpio, and reflect:

What is your current truth?

What is no longer true for you?

What identity, or behavior, are you ready to detach from?

Who are you ready to become?

This crisis is collapsing timelines. The non-linearity of this experience reminds us that we can practice healing the past in order to step more fully into the present. Alongside current suffering, past wounds, or dreams, or mistakes, or losses are coming up for many—they are intensely in the room with us. Our faces are pressed up against the window of our lives.

If you feel called, explore the main pain point, in order to transmute and release it. Retell your story in order to move past it. Call in your future self, your most resourced self, and sit in the future garden of your best life. Commune with that energy and those future blooms. Bring it into the present moment and let it give you guidance and support.

The spectrum of what we are feeling comes in waves, vast and complicated. Grief turns into rage. Disappointment flows into gratitude. Fear spikes up next to numbness. Loneliness morphs into connection. Hopelessness sits next to hopefulness. These contrasts make a steady internal rhythm feel near impossible to sustain. That's ok, part of this time is mastering change. It is about being with ourselves through all of the feelings. Let this Full Moon bring you back to your heart.

Below are this month’s Full Moon Tarotscopes. Read for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign. Take what you need and leave the rest. If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution, or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

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Knight of Swords

Ok Aries, it’s go time. (When isn’t it for you, sweet Ram?) But, here we are all in a weird vortex of collapsed timelines. Don’t run out of precious fuel resisting the present moment. This is a marathon, and we can’t have you burn out.

Under this Full Moon, you must slow down in order to speed up. Mindfulness will turn your brain, and your thought patterns, into allies. What if every time you did something—even if it was picking up your phone, walking into another room in your home, or responding to a loved one—you paused? What if, instead of discounting your ideas or your instincts, you slowly, gingerly, trusted and tested them out?

This Full Moon is all about locating the right vehicles for your expression. This time wants you to channel your energy effectively and take advantage of it at your own pace.

There’s a lot of restrictions in place right now, but there is still plenty of space and time to explore the different levels of your consciousness. Time spent learning how to harness your thoughts, and your energy, is time well spent. Allow the present moment to be a dry run for future endeavors of mindfulness and growth.

Suggested spell ingredients: geranium oil, do absolutely nothing for the first ten minutes after you wake up each morning until the Last Quarter Moon, green calcite, the energies of water and earth and to help your fiery-self find pause, and  “Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves on repeat. 


The Star

No one is an endless well of giving, yet the patriarchy has programmed us to believe that we must be in order to be valued. If we are to be validated by a system of harm, then it is us who becomes the sacrifice. A burnt out powerful person is useless to her loves. She is useless to her dreams.

This is a fertile Full Moon that requires a dedication of receiving—true abundance will be found in rest. Turn the lights off, light a candle, and sit with yourself.

There is a moment in-between an ask and an answer, there is a moment in-between the impulse and the action: this is where to touch base with your core energy. Check in on the motives around your responses. Is self-compassion front and center?

If shame wells up as you explore a more honest existence, remember that we live in a world that will find a way to weaponize just about anything: including our sweetest outpourings of compassion.

Get crystal clear about what your motivations are. Let yourself grieve. Find the key to unlock your own cage. Enjoy the wind caressing your wings—you are coming home to yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: rhodonite, an observation journal where you note the love you see around you and explore how you can transmute that back to yourself, silk pillowcases, recipes by Alice B. Toklas, red clover tincture, and “Show Me Love” by Hundred Waters ft. Moses Sumney and Chance The Rapper on repeat. 


Page of Wands

What if I told you that this full moon was a gift? Would you unwrap it slowly, in order to savor what is has to offer you? Might you run towards it, excited to receive a cosmic boost? This full moon is primed to help you tune back into your inner lighthouse. So much of this is around where your spirituality and creativity meet.

First, broaden your perspective around some energy drains. Identify the tendency to overthink your way into suffering. It is a trap you set for yourself. Be wary if you are trying to solve the “problem” of your life when it is not a problem at all. Reframe where you can: your life is not something to solve.

Yes, your energy is all over the place. Honey, you are experiencing a crisis, not a vacation. The better days will come, and the hardest ones will go. This is a time for you to make preparations for your creativity and spirituality to flourish and intertwine. Focus on that, whenever possible.

Do you prioritize your pain more than your pleasure? If so, this Full Moon can help you rearrange that equation. When your precious mind, your precious talents, and your precious magic are all in alignment, you receive the gift that is your life.

Suggested spell ingredients: coral colored candles, alignment meditations, time spent in the sunshine, blank sheets of paper or notebooks, clear quartz, and Come Back To Earth by Mack Miller on repeat. 


Page of Cups

No one can fix anyone else. In fact, there’s nothing to fix. We can solely offer space for folks to be witnessed completely. Part of this process includes letting the sweetest parts of your essence to be seen. No one can make anybody else feel anything. We can only offer up paths for others to find their way back to themselves. Imagine for a moment that that is the only reason we exist in the first place. To become completely ourselves, and to encourage others to do the same.

If I told you that part of the way you will access abundance is by sharing your most tender, most prized gifts with the world—would that coax you out of your shell? If I told you that your secret, prosperity shortcut is letting yourself receive, how much would you let yourself open up?

Under this Full Moon, it is time for you to embrace the fear of being known in order to give and receive the love you deserve. Acknowledge where you are in your process of giving yourself loving-kindness and compassion. What would it feel like to wholly encompass those gifts to yourself? To allow the sweetest parts of your own essence to be seen? Memorize those feelings, so that you can offer them up freely to others in the world that you are walking home.

Suggested spell ingredients: red labradorite, paintings by Vermeer, violets and lilacs, love letters to your truest loves (self and otherwise) written by moonlight, a list of the differences between your ego and your self-esteem, and “True Blue” by Mark Ronson ft. Angel Olsen on repeat. 



You are doing it right. There is no wrong unless harm is caused. And you would never, ever, consciously hurt another. Then why are you hurting yourself? Telling yourself there is a right and wrong, and that you are somehow wrong, because you couldn't possibly be…right…This repeating dialogue becomes a way for you to sell yourself short, and undermine your very real and genuine efforts.

The bottom line is there is no right way. There are only different ways.

This is a Full Moon overflowing with possibilities for enlightenment. It is the Full Moon that the Buddha sat under. He encountered and transmuted suffering in order to teach us about the middle way. Linear time has collapsed alongside other systems of so-called civilization. You see this and you feel this, quite acutely. That’s probably why you feel so “wrong”.

Don’t confuse yourself for the broken system you have to create in, and connect in. It is your ethics, your bravery, and your kindness that buoys the spirits of so many. If you are feeling called to walk your talk more, than do so. Most likely, you already are.

Suggested spell ingredients: communing with Mercury to reframe certain thought patterns, taking inventory of how you spend your restorative time, cuprite, a walk spent outside collecting kindling for your altar to symbolize what inner fire you need to light, and “The Comeback” by Shout Out Louds on repeat.


Knight of Wands

Virgo, this abundant Full Moon wants you to emphasize desire. For you, desire functions on a variety of different levels. The desire to make your thoughts as expansive and intriguing as possible; to chase new concepts down winding rabbit holes. The earnest desire for folks to receive your transmissions properly, and for your intentions to be understood.

Examine if those thirsts are being quenched adequately. This dance between taking long trips into your imagination, then honing it into just the right form for everyone to experience could be evolving. If it needs to shift, let that percolate. This could be more of a theme to focus on this summer. Take this time to focus on fun.

This moment would be best served allowing yourself to race towards sex, sensuality, creative sexual expression, and other fun. The Knight of Wands isn't here for a long time, he’s here for a good time. This archetype encourages us to take advantage of exploring play as activation. Fun decisions aren’t bad decisions, Virgo. Your brain is so, so tired; let the intuition of your body take over. Learning about your natural instincts will serve you for a long time to come.

Suggested spell ingredients: cancelling the idea of guilty pleasures altogether, dance parties alone in your mirror to marvel at your beauty, solo sex magic, meals you cook yourself that nourish your body whole-heartedly, amazonite, damiana tea, and “Savage Remix” (ft. Beyonce) by Megan Thee Stallion on repeat. 


4 of Swords

Tap into the abundance of all this full moon is offering you is through a clear heart and a glowing mind.

Come back to your clearest mind. Tune into and connect to your heart. Breath into it until it glows. Imagine the vitality of your compassion flowing through your bloodstream.

Come back to the clear body. Tune into and connect to the sky. Imagine clouds floating, a breeze languidly massaging the wings of a hawk overhead. Bring this energy into your heart.

The next time you find yourself able to witness a loved one, remember they were a baby once. There still might be parts of them that don’t know how loved they are. It is your job to remind them they are safe to receive in tactile ways. Do this consistently, and with awareness of the sky in your heart, and with heart glow in your mind. Do this double for yourself. Receive to believe. Believe to receive.

Suggested spell ingredients: chamomile tea, unprompted thank you notes to your local grocery store employees, sky gazing, green tourmaline, surf-inspired yoga flows, and “Bitter with the Sweet” by Carole King on repeat. 


5 of Swords

Not attending to what is festering underneath the surface isn’t against the law, but it is avoidance. Not sharing certain information with others isn’t lying, but it certainly won’t make folks trust you.

This Full Moon that falls in your sign is accentuating where you haven’t been completely honest: with yourself and with at least one key relationship in your life. There’s some unfair assumptions you’ve made that aren’t fair assessments. These conclusions determine how you communicate with others. Their responses then just become a rebuttal to your projections. This plunges you deeper into misunderstandings that can feel like a hall of cracked mirrors.

Within this imbalanced labyrinth you find yourself trapped in is an answer, a way out of the conflict. Start by apologizing. To others, sure. First, make amends with yourself. There are ways you haven’t been treating yourself fairly. You need to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Attend to what you have been avoiding. The truth behind these behaviors might first make you cry, but when the tears dry you will have found clarity.

Self-preservation does not have to lead to betrayal. Reconciliation is absolutely possible at this time. This isn’t about winning, Scorpio. It is about spiritual realignment.

Suggested spell ingredients: Blind contour drawings of yourself, pink candles lit with ylang-ylang, cord cutting ceremonies that you can enact no matter where you are, rose quartz, pressed passion flower petals in a fresh notebook, and “Broken Clocks” by SZA on repeat.


4 of Wands

Gentle Archer, you’ve got a little secret that not many folks know about: you are a master of hiding your loneliness. Despite what you project, sometimes you feel most alone surrounded by people celebrating you. There's a distinct pang you’ve experienced often: the sensation of being squarely on the outside, looking in. The current global crisis may be exacerbating those lonely cries of your heart: loss, grief, and the inability to touch loved ones are all so sharp.

One opportunity that the 4 of Wands holds for you under this Full Moon is to heal the shadow of this loneliness. Feeling lonely isn’t the harmful pattern, it is normal. But feeling like you must hide your hurt cuts you off from connection. Now is the time to learn that silence doesn’t shield those closest to you. Others want to help you, so let them.

To share yourself with others is to break up rock-hard soil. To let another witness your tears is to soften that soil with salt. To communicate your very real, very human condition is to plant seeds of community in more honest ways.

Suggested spell ingredients: A letter of love & gratitude for your USPS person, blue agate, seeds planted in a public green space for all to enjoy, grounding meditations, mirror magic, and “These” Days by Nico on repeat. 


10 of Cups

This is a Full Moon that wants you to reflect on your definitions of success—particularly where your emotions come into play around this subject. It isn’t enough just to achieve your goals in the material world: achieving them with pleasure, engagement, levity, curiosity, kindness, and compassion is the actual goal. The success behind the success. The achievement that allows you to proclaim, “I did it my way.”

To reject hope, or sweetness, in a crisis isn’t going to solve a pandemic. It is just pouring more pain on top of all the existing grief. Only you can decide what love and kindness in your body feels like. Only you can decide to find success everyday.

To begin a rebirth of loving-kindness that will last, figure out how tiny you can begin. Is it with the dishes? An email? In a 5 minute meditation or conversation? Build an energetic field of overflowing sweetness and dance around in it until the Moon can hear you laughing.

Suggested spell ingredients: tinctures of poppy or ginger, the color palette of your favorite childhood book, a secret garden you can plant indoors or outdoors, silence practiced for 8 minutes in the middle of your day for 8 days, chrysoprase, and “You Can Have It All” by Yo La Tengo on repeat. 


King of Pentacles

Happy Full Moon, Aquarius! It’s time for you to explore the balance between giving and receiving. This is a lunation about cultivating the security that comes from healthy self-confidence.

When we have mastered the art of abundant living—the art of material mastery—we understand that an integral part of the process of humanifestation is giving. Giving is the tree dropping fruit, vegetables sharing nourishment, and herbs delivering us healing & magic. Take stock of what is natural for you to offer up, for you to give your internal and external gardens.

Sometimes you feel ambivalent around claiming what you want dollar-wise, around demanding your worth. Capitalism will do that to a Starchild. This can be a time of healing scarcity issues that aren't about whether you are employed or not right now. What do you possess that can never be taken?

There is a special message for you right now around practicing ancestral abundance magic. Do some research around what those in your lineage utilized to make themselves irresistible to wealth. If you already know, run to your altar and spellcraft away! Ask for more than you think you need. The more you have, the more you can give.

Suggested spell ingredients: citrine and pyrite, Maggie Nelson’s poetry, sweet birch and magnesium salt baths or or body scrub, mint tea, and “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys on repeat.



2 of Wands

Pisces, your intuition has been strong as of late. This Full Moon will only heighten it further. Remember that life is as much about what you don’t do, as it is about what you do. In light of your deeper commitment to listening to the inner voice, you’ve advanced in a particular spiritual way: you no longer get lost for days in energetic dead ends. This internal GPS will continue to serve you well, as you integrate into your next iteration.

Preparation has begun for the next stage of your journey. The last 2 months have really led to some introspective moments, helping you clear, reminding you what is most important. Now is the time to figure out exactly where you’d like to go next.

Even though most circumstances in your life are up in the air, you are not. Now I’m going to either delight or annoy you with some New Age slogans apt for your current state. Wherever you go, there you are. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Use this time to train energetically. Keep your inner ear listening to the places that are calling out your name.

Suggested spell ingredients: a future travel log of all the places you will go, orchids, breathwork to access your flow state, purple candles lit under the moonlight, homemade sage mist, and “Object, Not the Object” by Polyplastic on repeat.



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