May Crystalscopes

May Crystalscopes


Another month has come and gone, and that means it’s time for your MAY CRYSTALSCOPES! While this Spring certainly feels different than years past, that doesn’t mean we aren’t being given the space to bloom. Your crystalscopes for May can help turn your attention to what you’re being called to weed out of your garden, and what you’re being asked to fertilize to bring forth in its full glory as the weather gets warmer and our world becomes more alive. This month, in order to celebrate making the most of what’s AVAILABLE to us in any given moment, all my crystal recommendations are available to order RIGHT NOW -- direct from the treasure palace! These recommendations have been guided by a combination of oracle + tarot cards. I've included each signs' Tarot Ally in their 'scope, but you’ll find more details about your accompanying tarot + oracle cards on the Lighthaus Instagram tomorrow! Thanks to Hauswitch’s diverse collection of crystal beauties, I had no trouble finding an appropriate stone for what EACH sign is tending to this month. 

Use these recommendations however feels best! You can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put the crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! I recommend reading your Sun AND Moon signs in order to get a closer look at what your emotional body may need! 

If you’d like a more in depth and personalized version of your ‘scope, head over to the Psychic Portal and book a tarot reading + crystal “prescription” session with me! We’ll meet through the magic of Zoom and use Tarot and oracle cards to explore how you can reconnect to pleasure (and your personality outside of a n x i e t y…remember that?) Then, you’ll receive a super-cute, downloadable “crystal prescription” card with custom crystal recommendations and magic words based on your reading! Sending you lots and lots of Lighthaus love!! xoxoxo

Aries/Rose Quartz

One of your best qualities is your desire to truly KNOW yourself, Aries. And one of the ways you love to explore this is through the mirrors you find in your relationships to others. That being said, you’re not always known for your gentle approach to communication, or your ability to have patience or sit quietly with your own thoughts before reacting. With social gatherings at a standstill, there’s a restless energy in you that may have you turning against yourself—and potentially lashing out at those closest to you, too. May asks you to channel that restless energy into finding NEW ways to support—and feel supported by—those closest to you. 

Yours is a sign of ACTION, and that can be difficult given our current circumstances. This month asks you to prioritize INTERaction instead. See the ways you can support yourself and those around you through gentleness and compassion rather than your usual excitement and adventure. Your sense of humor can often act as a shield, protecting your from facing deeper issues or creating authentic connections that leave you feeling vulnerable. May is opening a door to more meaningful and deeply nourishing ways of relating to yourself and others. Slowing down and opening up doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ol’ faithful Rose Quartz can help diffuse your heat so it feels more like a warm, spring breeze than a wildfire. It will also help open your heart to vulnerable relationships that feel gentle, loving, and compassionate rather than overwhelming.

Tarot Ally: 3 of Cups 


We’re in the midst of your season, Taurus! While now is the time to be celebrating all that you have to offer, you may find yourself being drawn deeper into self doubt than ever. Taurus doesn’t tend to love change, and times are certainly changing! You may find yourself asking where you’ve gone wrong, and being overly critical about the ways you are coping with our current circumstances. You hold others to a high standard, but you often hold yourself to even HIGHER ones, sweet bull! Remember, you’re not a one-dimensional blundering bull in a china shop. You also have a deep capacity for seeing and creating love, beauty, harmony, and comfort. Your sign is ruled by Venus, after all! 

Instead of coming at your emotions from a place of criticism and judgement, May is asking you to lean into your ability to find pleasure, ease, and comfort. You ultimately crave a feeling of groundedness, and heightened emotions often feel as though they threaten that.  But what would happen if you turned some of the warmth and familiarity you bring to those around you towards yourself? What if you simply allowed your emotions to flow, without assigning a value of “right” or “wrong” towards your feelings? Eudialyte carries strong vibrations of both Earth and Water to assist you in embracing this flow without being swept away by your own emotional undercurrents. It doesn’t have to be either/or, Taurus. You CAN give ALL your feelings room to be felt while still keeping two feet firmly on the ground. Eudialyte reminds us that there is no one “correct” way to feel about a situation. There is only what we are feeling, and how we choose to act on it. It reminds us that we are worthy of love and comfort always. There is no need to “earn” it, especially from our selves. 

Tarot Ally: Queen of Cups Reversed


You tend to comfort yourself by gathering information, Gemini. You’re ever-curious, and we love that about you! Unfortunately, you can’t always know-it-all! That’s becoming especially clear in the past few months. When the information available is constantly changing, shrouded in confusion, and often straight-up contradictory, you can start to feel a little unhinged! May is here to remind you that even the best laid plans can’t account for all outcomes. That no amount of information can actually protect you from the pain of potential unknowns. When we seek to control every aspect of our lives, we inevitably exhaust ourselves because we don’t exist in a vacuum! There is always the potential for an unseen factor throwing a wrench into things, no matter how much we research, analyze, and obsess. Instead of running yourself into the ground, May wants you to take a more playful and flexible approach to your ambitions. 

Agate has a powerful connection to the Earth, which can help you remain in touch with your inner strength and stability, while the playful and child-like vibration of druzy crystals remind you that adapting to changing circumstances is one of your greatest strengths! Now is not a time to try to see miles ahead…instead, it’s about taking things one day at a time and tapping into your innate ability to make even the most formidable challenges feel like a game! This can’t be done when we have a stranglehold on specific outcomes, Gemini. You’re not being asked to relinquish any sense of direction, but you ARE being asked to give up on the illusion of total control. Trust in your own resourcefulness and adaptability. Trust that you WILL be able to account for the unknowns when they make themselves known. And most importantly—don’t take things this month too seriously! You might be pleasantly surprised by how far spontaneity—rather than force—can take you! 

Tarot Ally: The Emperor Reversed


It’s no secret that you’re a big softie underneath that guarded exterior, Cancer. While protecting your soft spots is often important for your emotional well-being and survival, sometimes our boundaries can go a little too far. In the past, you may have been quick to write off those in your life who rub you the wrong way…but this month brings a reminder that sometimes a little agitation is necessary for growth. Think of how a pearl is formed inside an oyster by the irritation of a grain of sand. This isn’t about allowing others to genuinely damage us. It’s about investigating whether our loyalties lie with those who keep us comfortable or those who challenge us to do better. The best-case-scenario would be a balance of both! May wants you to challenge yourself by allowing for more vulnerable relationships with those people in your life who DO have your best interests at heart but don’t necessarily handle you with kid gloves. 

You’re being called to evolve, and that usually means a hearty dose of discomfort, Cancer. Lepidolite will help soothe any reactivity that comes up as a result of engaging with this discomfort instead of avoiding it. Think of it as big, fluffy down comforter of the crystal world. You’re going to come up against some opposing ideas and difficult attitudes this month, Cancer, but these bits of grit are pearls waiting to form if you’ll allow them the time and space to do so. Instead of immediately shutting out anything/anyone that doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy, try to see past the initial contraction to the ways you’re being pushed to expand. You’re more than capable of handling this, especially with the soothing and balancing presence of Lepidolite on your side. 

Tarot Ally: Page of Cups 


We love our diplomatic Libras. You’re always striving for balance, and that generally makes you a lovely presence to have around, especially during times of heightened conflict. But when your desire for balance begins to get in the way of your own autonomy, it’s time to make a shift! This month is calling for you to LET GO of your fears surrounding standing up for your needs, Libra! Compromise is sweet, but it’s not ALWAYS the answer. Some situations simply call for standing your ground, people-pleasing be damned. When you’re feeling the familiar urge to keep the peace this month, take the opportunity to listen more deeply to your intuition…some things are demanding to be defended, even if that means some interpersonal upset. You’re great at seeing all sides of a situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your own convictions. After all, if what you truly seek is balance, that means allowing just as much room for your own truth as the truths of others. It’s important to remember this is YOUR life. 

Blue Chalcedony assists you in communicating your truth in a compassionate way that remains aligned with your gentle, Venus-ruled nature, Libra. Setting boundaries doesn’t HAVE to be harsh, even if others choose to interpret it that way. It may feel jarring at first, but the cooling and calming vibration of this stone help to ease any stress around saying how you REALLY feel, while also releasing any resistance you may have to communicating authentically. Know that those who love and respect you will understand your boundaries, Libra. Your intuition is able to recognize when compromise is called for vs. when it’s time to double down. This requires deep listening, and Blue Chalcedony is here to help you access that wisdom and act on it with minimal turmoil.

Tarot Ally: 7 of Wands


Your mind may be feeling like a prison lately, Virgo. Your analytical nature is one of your greatest assets…except when it turns on you. If you’ve been feeling swallowed up by anxiety, restlessness, and unrelenting cycles of negative thoughts lately, it’s time to shake things up. Like…NOW. This is not the time to wait for someone to save you from yourself. In fact, it’s going to be up to you to dig yourself out of this hole in the end. That’s not to say support isn’t available. It is, and seeking it out is the right thing to do. But ultimately, you need to realize that you are in control of your own patterns. Your emotions and anxieties may be real and valid, but they don’t OWN you. The realization that you and ONLY you have the ability to take the necessary action to reroute your thought patterns is where deep empowerment is born for you this month, Virgo! 

Carnelian helps you take matters into your own hands. This fiery stone can help increase your confidence and personal power while shining a fiery light into the dark corners of your mind to help you see that the shadows are just that…shadows. It’s easy to make formidable monsters out of the thoughts we’re afraid to face head-on. The miraculous thing is that when we DO find the courage to face them, we usually find we’re MORE than capable of overcoming them. May is asking you to be your own knight in shining armor and face down those “dragons” : anxiety, catastrophizing, and never-ending spirals of self-defeating thoughts. It may seem a daunting task now, but once you’ve taken the first step, you’ll realize you were stronger than your darkest thoughts all along. You have all the strength you need to direct your thoughts and feelings in the direction that feels best for you. Now recognize it. 

Tarot Ally: 9 of Swords


This month is asking you to dig deep to find PATIENCE, Leo. You love to let your light shine, and May is going to bring you new inspiration and opportunities to do so. There is real potential here for the birth of something deeply nourishing to your soul. Whether it’s a blossoming relationship, a rekindled sense of self-love, a new creative project, or a newfound connection to your spirituality the key here is giving it TIME to bloom into its fullest form, rather than shoving it into the spotlight as quickly as possible. By allowing this seed to grow as it will, you’re giving yourself the space to live up to your highest and best potential. Don’t force it for fear that it will be fleeting. It’s not. This is just the beginning. You’d only be doing yourself (and whatever this seed may be) a disservice by treating this initial glimpse of inspiration as the final evolution. There’s much more expansion ahead, but it’s going to take time. 

Rhodonite will assist you on this journey to further self-discovery. That’s right. It’s a JOURNEY, not a jaunt. By helping to balance both our emotional and physical bodies, this stone helps ensure you can be in it for the long haul rather than burning yourself out in a blaze of glory. It can also help you see exactly what you’re being asked to tend to at the moment so you can give it the proper time and attention it deserves, bringing you closer to the fulfillment of its destiny--that “spotlight” moment when it’s ready to be revealed in its fullest, most developed form. Rhodonite helps us envision exactly how charmed life has the possibility to be when we give our dreams the chance to be properly nourished over the long-haul. You’re being set up for much more than your 15-minutes-of-fame if you can resist the urge to rush things, Leo. 

Tarot Ally: Ace of Cups


For most people, emotions are running at an all-time high at the moment, and you’re no exception, Scorpio. For you, that can sometimes look like stinging first, asking questions later…or not at all. This month has a real challenge for you: making amends. One of the most difficult things in the world is admitting when we were wrong (even if we’re only admitting it to ourselves) but that’s exactly what you’re being called to lean into in May. Admitting we didn’t handle something the best we could have can feel like admitting we are a bad person, but it’s not that at all. In fact, facing our past with BOTH blunt honesty and forgiveness for ourselves is how we find NEW ways forward. If you keep finding yourself in places you’d rather not be (mentally, spiritually, physically), it’s time to start looking at your past behavior through a more objective lens. How could YOU be contributing to the unpleasant feelings you find yourself coming back to time and time again? Don’t beat yourself up about it, but DO commit to finding more aligned ways of reacting in the future. This is how we truly “learn our lesson”, not by sinking into either denial or self-flagellation. 

Aragonite brings with it the healing energy of The Star, which can help to renew, revitalize, and rebalance our emotional bodies so we can truly begin to heal. It helps us cut through confusion so we can see situations in a new (and more honest) light. This stone brings us back to our true center, helping us to attune to our deepest intuition and shed the layers of reactivity that trauma can burden us with. It helps us follow our emotions to the source, where we can look at them with a nonjudgmental and honest eye to envision truly awakened ways forward. You’ve been avoiding some “ugly” truths about yourself, Scorpio, but the reality is they’re not so ugly at all…if you really allowed yourself to look at them you’d see they simply need some healing, and that comes with forgiveness and awareness.

Tarot Ally: Judgement 


You’ve got a reputation for being footloose and fancy-free, Sagittarius, but that’s not all there is to you. Represented by the centaur, that wild and roaming nature is also balanced with deep wisdom and a hunger for knowledge gained through experience. Your fiery nature makes you larger-than-life, but you risk losing sight of the real meaning of things if you’re constantly seeking the next best thing. It’s important to remember WHERE your impulse to adventure comes from: the desire for self-development. May is asking you to step away from your more heated emotions and desires and try to see the bigger picture. Are you acting from a place of curiosity or one of escape? If it’s escape…what exactly is it you’re trying to avoid? You love to have fun, but some parts of your journey just aren’t going to have that sparkly shine—and that’s ok. May wants you to give yourself time to sit with the more difficult lessons you’ve learned along the way instead of immediately jumping to the next shiny thing. All these experiences don’t add up to much if there’s no time for you to process and integrate the wisdom acquired. 

It’s time to take a HARD look at what’s working in your life and what’s not…even if that means giving up some of those “good vibes only” in favor of a more balanced and developed perspective. Fluorite can help you discern between what feels good in the moment and what will benefit you in the long-term. Remember that growing any garden also requires some grueling weeding and pest control before you can enjoy your flowers in full-bloom. This stone will help you organize your thoughts and focus around your experiences so you can really digest all the wisdom waiting for you before moving onto the next. It will also assist you in processing the “stickier” emotions you may be avoiding so you can see them more objectively and with less reactivity. 

Tarot Ally: Justice


This month is asking you to do more with less, Capricorn. Luckily, you’re one of the most resourceful signs out there, excellent at seeing the hidden stairways in what seems to others to be a sheer rock wall. However, you also love sticking to a plan, and your plans have certainly been going haywire as of late. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck. It simply means you need to find a new (and probably simpler) path forward. Even while the world around you is largely out of your control, you have a wealth of inner resources to tap into that will help get you through this month. Even in the unknown, how can you celebrate all that you’ve already built, and all that’s still available to you to move ahead? It’s important this month that you remember that progress isn’t always immediately visible. There can be a lot happening even in the stillness of reevaluation. You’re also being asked to remember and celebrate all that you have ALREADY achieved rather than focusing on what you have yet to claim. 

Pyrite is an extremely powerful stone for tapping into the energy of abundance and recognizing that what you already have is of great value. If you’ve been feeling exhausted, it’s likely because you rarely take the time to celebrate your last success before pushing yourself towards the next one. The shimmering, golden energy of Pyrite will help you recognize your own worth NOW, rather than focusing on all you could/would/should be doing “better”. We have a feeling the way ahead will become surprisingly clear once you simply take a moment to recognize the brilliance that has gotten you to where you already are. 

Tarot Ally: Queen of Pentacles


You’re not exactly known for being down-to-earth, Aquarius. But that WILD imagination makes you one of the most innovative and radical signs of the zodiac! This month will have you continuing to let your curiosity lead you, but it’s also calling you to find ways to bring aspects of those fantasies into the real world. It’s all well and good to dream wild and fantastic dreams, but they lose their power when you fail to find ways to translate that into your current reality. It can be easy to leave your head lost in the clouds, but you’re robbing yourself and the collective when you don’t find the discipline to come back to earth. Fantasy can be an escape for you, but the real world isn’t always so bad…especially when we have inventive souls like you putting fresh ideas into action. At your core, you want to serve the collective, but you have to join us here on Earth to do so. May isn’t asking you to limit your dreaming, it’s simply begging you to not stop there

Hematoid Quartz helps to activate your creative thought processes while also giving you the focus and drive to bring them through to physical reality. It’s simply not enough to escape into your mind without ever giving the rest of us a glimpse of all the beauty waiting there. The more you focus on how to bring your fantasy to life, the easier it will be to come back to Earth. After all—you’ll be actively shaping this world into the one you’d like to live in. You’ve been given the gift of dreaming “impossible" dreams…Hematoid Quartz grounds and focuses you so you can clearly see how possible some of them really are if you put your mind to it and stop seeking escape. 

Tarot Ally: Knight of Cups Reversed


You’re going to find yourself on a deep-dive this month, Pisces. As the mystical little fish you are, you’re no stranger to exploring the underwater caverns of your own subconscious…but are you used to doing so responsibly? We wouldn’t change your beautiful sensitivity for the world, but sometimes you have a tendency to let your emotions swallow you up whole. You can air on the side of sinking into the darkness for the sake of sinking into the darkness. After all, it’s easier to stay in the dark with these feelings instead of bringing them into the harsh light of day—if we can really see them, we feel responsible for dealing with them. That’s exactly what this month is asking you to do. Remember you’re doing this excavation for a reason: so you can bring this wisdom to the surface. To the light. Much like the month is calling Aquarius to bring their dreams from outer space to Earth, you’re being asked to shine a light into the darkness not just to FEEL your pain, but to process it so you can use what you’ve learned to take better care of your spirit in the future. This isn’t the time to use the depth of your feelings as an excuse for checking out. In fact, quite the opposite—May wants you to hold yourself accountable for the ways you choose to process (or not process) your deepest wounds and take better care of yourself. 

Labradorite is a helpful friend in the darkness, offering protection and strength while also heightening our intuition so we can really see to the heart of things. It can help reveal unhealed limiting beliefs and patterns and give us the fortitude required to heave them out of the deep and into the light. It helps us to see all things hidden more clearly…past pain, silly excuses we make to stay wounded, and pathways out of the darkness we have imagined there’s no escape from. Your dreamy nature doesn’t mean you’re not powerful. Your sensitivity is PART of your power. That is, if you can find ways to work with it instead of letting it rule you, Pisces. 

Tarot Ally: The High Priestess



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