Make a Constellation! Any Constellation!

Okay, so remember the DIY Molecule I made for the Mad Scientist Nursery? Well, one day my friend Rachael was like, "Hey, that molecule you made would be cool as a constellation..." And I was like, "UMMMM DUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why didn't I think of that:?!?!! YES. Let's make those please." And so began the DIY Constellation project. In the interest of being UN-redundant I'm really only going to detail the ways in which this project was different from the molecule. 1. Pick your constellation. I am a Gemini so I went with Gemini, obvi. gemini_constellation_by_dinodrawer-d397txh 2. Next was drilling. The main difference between this and the molecule project was the strategic drilling and sawing. For the molecule I just drilled holes on 3 sides of the wood balls all willy-nilly. For the constellation it was important to mark out where the holes would need to be. So I put some tape down to stick the balls in place. Then I drew the (imaginary) lines of the constellation on the paper I had put out over my work surface. This helped make sure everything was going to placed properly. I put little "x's" where the holes would have to go. I also made some of the dowels in differing lengths according to the distance of the stars.


3. Next was paint. I decided to paint the dowels dark navy blue mixed with black to mimic the dark of the night sky. I liked the natural wood color of the "stars" so I painted them with clear glow-in-the-dark paint, because why not?

constellation13. Once I made sure everything fit together properly, I put a dab of hot glue (from my hot glue gun that I have because it's 1987 and I'm your mom) inside each of the holes before I put the dowel in. This made it nice and sturdy.


4. Viola!


5. The last step was to hang it. I tied three lengths of this Monofilament Illusion Cord around the dowels at different points to distribute the weight evenly. Then I tied the three strands together with a knot. A few inches up I tied another knot, and so on until I had 4 different knots at different heights so I had some options about how high to hang it.


I liked this project. I'm toying with the idea of selling them in an Etsy shop or something. But they're really easy! You can make them yourself! For like, $15!


Seriously though, you should contact me if you want one. Thanks again to Rachael Swain for the great idea!


Okay! The moon is in Taurus and the Witches say: "Walk in the woodlands". They also insist that on the 27th "The best is yet to come." So there.