Electric Wolf Den! Before and After Edition

Electric Wolf Den! Before and After Edition

I don't even know how to start this post. The whole process for this room was so completely random that I can really only manage sentence fragments. So here we go:
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I don't even know how to start this post. The whole process for this room was so completely random that I can really only manage sentence fragments. So here we go: Marisa is one of my best friends. Marisa loves yoga, wolves, and bright colors. Marisa just moved and asked me to HausWitch her bedroom into a wolf den. Marisa's room looked like this: beforetext Confused? Yeah me too. To be fair this was taken just a short time after she moved. But still, where is the personality in this room? Bright colors? Wolves? Yoga? Anything? So right away I had to address a few challenges. #1. She has a huge bed that takes up A LOT of space in the room so I better make it pretty. #2. Despite the fact that I see her as being one of the most bright and fresh and fun people I know- she has more traditional tastes than I would've imagined. Her furniture is dark and moody and she likes it that way. #3. Just how do you incorporate bright colors, yoga, and wolves in one space? Basically I had to combine this:


With this:


So here's where I landed: after6edittext after1edittext The main inspiration for the room came from the view outside her window- which is basically a forest. Perfect for a wolf den! So first and foremost was an all important, TOTALLY FREE room re-arrange. Since the window was a big focal point I thought we should move the bed in front of it and do something cool with curtains. I also wanted to break up the other furniture to lighten the room up a little. Next was paint. I don't make anybody paint if they don't want to. In this case, I strongly suggested it. Not that the blue was terrible, but it was sort of a non-color in a way. It said nothing. I suggested a wolfy, light grey. Marisa took that suggestion. I was glad. after13edittext The first thing I bought for the room was the forest scene curtain for the closet. The previous tenant was using a sad, grey, shower curtain since there are no doors. I thought mirror-ing the window scenery on the opposite wall would give the feel of being surrounded by forest. However, I was completely stumped on a color scheme at this point. I didn't want to keep everything thing dark and forest-y because that's just not Marisa. Marisa wears a lot of neon. Like, ALOT of neon. So that's when I saw little slivers of bright peach in the forest curtain. It happened to be the exact same color as the yoga pants she wears so often that I automatically assume she will be wearing them every time I see her. Done. There's the color scheme. [caption id="attachment_1264" align="aligncenter" width="610"] "OM" letters from Michaels, painted with Martha Stewart Glow-In-The-Dark All Purpose Craft Paint in Orange.[/caption] Since she needed new bedding, but has a king size bed options were surprisingly limited. Especially on a budget. When I found the duvet from Target I thought it was really pretty and yet also vaguely reminded me of fangs. Done. The room doesn't get a ton of natural light, so we needed a few lamps. I found the floor lamp (black iron complete with bendable leaves!) on Craigslist for $25 and the amazingly matchy nightstand lamp at Target on sale for $6! I did have to buy a new shade for the floor lamp since the old one looked kinda like this. after14edit The nightstand was another Craigslist find ($15!) that I refinished from a murky and scratched medium/light brown to a nice mahogany color to match her other furniture. after10edit [caption id="attachment_1268" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Mother Wolf Print by: Brettisagirl[/caption]

My favorite find for the room was the wolf print. I found it on Society 6 and I thought its old-time-y ness helped tie in the traditional furniture. I found the other wall art at IKEA and the frames at Target.

The final touch was adding some more green. Specifically, some terrariums. With wolves in them. The idea came from the fact that Marisa had a set of plastic toy wolf figurines. (Its best not to ask too many questions.) Plus, I actually already had all the supplies to make a terrarium so all I needed were the jars. One was from IKEA and the other from MIchael's. Howl all about it.


The budget for the room was $300. I had amazing luck finding things on sale so that was awesome. I'm pretty sure the kid with the price gun at Target was drunk.

Final Budget Breakdown:

Total: $312.71

Pro Tip: Every time you buy something at Michael's there's a "40% off one item" coupon on your receipt to use the next week. I don't wanna get all EXTREME COUPONING here but I saved a lot of money using these wisely. Just sayin'.

So that's the Electric Wolf Den. I am pleased to say that she loves it, to the point of spontaneous yoga-posing with joy:




New moon in Leo tonight, Whoa.




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