Mad Scientist Nursery: Progress Report

Well the big day is almost upon us. Installation of the "Mad Scientist" Nursery over at Raspberry Towers happens THIS WEEKEND! The other big day (when the baby comes) could be anytime now so really, its all happening! Since I haven't posted in a little while you probly assumed I'm like, the laziest HausWitch ever- just watching old re-runs of Pretty Wild, eating ice cream bars and napping. Well, there has been some of that- but very little. Instead, most (and I mean MOST) of my time has been taken up by this project. Which at this point I would call an "obsession". Right around the time I started re-finishing the dresser I crossed over into full-on Howard Hughes-level mania. There has been TONS of DIY with this one so I thought I would share some of that process with you now! First up is the dresser. Sailaja and Neel wanted a dresser that could double as a changing table. The one I found that had the right dimensions was $60 on Craigslist but a total mess. It was solid wood though so I knew I could work with it: dresserbeforecollagetext So I stripped it all down using my new power sander and painted the drawers (inside and out) white: dresserbeforecollage2 Next up were the curtains. The whole room is based on this fabric that Sailaja found on Spoonflower. Yes, Darwin fabric. For the science nursery. YES. fabric Since I don't sew I had to go the hem-tape route. Luckily, the ever-helpful Young House Love book has a great tutorial. This project was easier than getting out of bed in the morning. As usual my intern was not super helpful. Curtaincollage


Then I made some beaker-art: beakercollage I really love the accent paint colors I chose. I took the colors right from the fabric. My favorite one is called "Atta Girl" and the white on the dresser is called "Warm Welcome" which I thought was sweet for a nursery. I always let the names of colors play a role in the decision-making process. attagirltext simplybeautifultext warmwelcometextIt wouldn't be a Science-themed room without a molecule. (This one is still a work-in-progress so cross your fingers that it works out!) moleculebefore And finally we have Salem, who is definitely the worst intern ever. salemsandpaper What can I say? This girl loves the smell (and taste) of sandpaper in the morning. Okay- stay tuned. You will see the fruits of all this labor in a full Before and After post in a few days. I'm sooooo excited for this one!