Libra Season Treasurescopes

Libra Season Treasurescopes

Welcome to Libra season, witches!! This air sign is ruled by Venus, giving them an eye for beauty and a taste for harmony and balance! Relationships are important to Libra...not just romantic ones, but friendships, too!

This season is the perfect time to pay attention to where things may be out of balance in our lives and our relationships. You may be over-giving your energy in some situations while under-giving in others. Pause to notice. This is also a good time to beautify our lives...whether that means treating yourself to some new skincare, giving your bedroom a little refresh, or clearing up the icons on your desktop. Libra knows that the way things *look* affects the way they *feel*...and the feeling we're striving towards this month is harmony. 

The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Libra (don't forget our Libra Astrology Essence)! You can also shop the whole Libra Season treasure collection here! 

The Neo Tarot Boxset

The Neo Tarot doesn't just have the perfect just-minimal-enough design for aesthetic-driven Libra season...the incredible (and included) guidebook focuses on the Tarot as a tool for self-care--something to lean into EVERY season, but especially this one! A great deck for beginners and long-time readers alike, this deck brings an approachable and empowering energy to readings. 





Co-Habitate Spell Kit 

Like we said, Libra energy tends to strive towards balance and harmony--that's why this sign is symbolized by a set of scales! Sometimes harmony can feel a little hard to come by when we're sharing our space...but that's where our Co-Habitate Spell Kit comes in! Don't worry...this spell kit for harmony with friends, lovers, roommates, and pets WON'T put any of your loved ones into a trance--instead, it focuses on managing your own energy to bring more harmony to the situation. The kit includes a lavender-vanilla scented tealight, lavender incense, white chestnut + amethyst essence, a spray bottle of rosewater, a meditation postcard, and 4 tumbled black moonstones to place in each corner of your haus! A harmonious haus is a happy haus! 

Opalite Guardian Angel

The rainbow glow of Opalite reflects its playful, airy energy. Libra season may leave some of us feeling like we have too many thoughts swirling around in our minds, making it difficult to know what we really think or to make decisions--but an Opalite Guardian Angel could help! These angels will assist you in spinning anxiety into optimism and reconnect you with a sense of certainty and security so that you feel safe to let loose a little and have FUN rather than getting caught in an anxiety spiral around all the little details! 


"Harmony" Secret Spell Pillow

You can cast a spell over your haus and no one has to be the wiser! Witchcraft doesn't have to look like a massive altar dripping with candle wax and covered in obscure can be as simple as an intentionally-placed pillow! We love both our Secret Spell Pillows and our Color Magic Linen Pillows for working some covert HausMagick, but our Secret Spell design for Harmony is the obvious fave for Libra season!! 




Handmade Ceramic Vase

If we're talking Beautiful Things, we can't leave out these gorgeous pastel mini-vases by ceramic sorceress Christina Kosinski. Hand-made and glazed in the Hauswitch palette (soft green, lavender, and pink), each of these little vessels is one-of-a-kind! These are the perfect way to add some soft + airy Libra magic to your space...use as a bud vase or to store ritual water on your altar!! 




Rose Quartz Gem Essence

Whatever you choose to put in your Miami Coffee Mug, why not add a few drops of Rose Quartz Essence for extra softness, self-love, and beauty? This essence can be added to just about ANYTHING...beverages, skin/hair care, food, baths, you name it!! Don't believe us? We thought of 77 ways to use them...that should give you a good start! ;) We especially love adding the Rose Quartz essence into our self-care rituals as this crystal is excellent for encouraging loving, compassionate, and gentle vibes! Pair it with Rose Quartz Palm Stone or Tumbled Crystal for MAXIMUM rosy-pink goodness!



Love Ritual Bath Salts

You can also let Erin of Erin's Apothecary do the work for you...her Love Ritual Bath Salts are already infused with the loving vibration of Rose Quartz. These bath salts are blended by hand under the Waxing Moon with Amber oil and Hibiscus flowers for *extra* Venusian vibes. This blend isn't JUST for encouraging romance between you and a partner(s)'s also great for deepening self-love, which is our favorite way to use it!! Our ULTIMATE Libra Season bath ritual? These bath salts, a Venus spell candle, and a refreshing cup of Aphroditea Reiki-Charged Herbal Tea over ice!!! More of a bath bomb kinda witch? Try the Empath's Re-Charge bath bomb from Goddexx Apothecary to rebalance your energy!!


I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem

Part of the reason that Libra is represented symbolically by a set of scales is because this energy is usually interested in weighing every side of the story. This energy is diplomatic and wants to make it has a more-or-less holistic view of the situation before making decisions or forming opinions. At its worst, this can come off as indecisive and people-pleasing, but at its best this energy is fair, curious, and balanced. I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Condé is an incredible read for those hungry for a more complete picture. This book, part historical novel/part channeled work, gives a voice to one of the most glossed-over and minimized figures of the Salem Witch Trials. We recommend this book to EVERYONE who visits Salem (and appreciate that it speaks to MUCH more of Tituba's life before/outside of the Witch Trials as well). 

"Universe" Skin Elixir

Last but certainly not least, we've never met a Libra without a KILLER skincare routine. It might have a little something to do with vanity, but mostly Libra energy just likes taking good care of themselves and beautifying the world! The Universe Super-Healing Elixir by Botanical Stars makes the perfect treat for your skin as we move into the colder months here in the N. Hemisphere!! Made for ALL skin types, this serum contains prickly pear oil, chamomile, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and more to keep your skin looking radiant year-round. Plus, it sinks into the skin SUPER fast without leaving behind any oily feeling--we're sold. Pair it with the Balancing Facial Toner (so gentle! so good!) from Under Aurora for a Libra season GLOW!




The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.