So, if you guys follow HausWitch you've probably seen or read something that renaissance witch Haley Houseman has created. She wrote the amazing piece about Salem Witches for Broadly, as well as two pieces for Teen Vogue about witchy self-care and making your own luck. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! She also drew the amazing portraits of the girls from The Craft for the HausWitch Store front window and designed the tote bags that many of you now own. I told you, Renaissance Witch.

But that's all in the past. Now I want to talk about how latest endeavor, "Let's Get Mystical". I'll let her tell you a little more about it:

"Let's Get Mystical is a weekly occult-themed newsletter published every Wednesday. Delivering a little magic to your inbox, it collects recipes, tarot cards and fairy tales to share with you each week. It also features a Witch of Week for you to get to know, and a slew of links to craft content in current events and pop culture."

It's pretty great. I would sign up if I were you. tinyletter.com/letsgetmystical