Now anyone who hangs around me knows that I’m obsessed with pyrite. It’s vibration just seems to be a perfect little puzzle piece for my energy. It’s the ultimate manifesting mineral. It promotes positivity, creativity, and get-shit-done-itude. One day last March I bought a pyrite bracelet. That night I had a vision of a beautiful store with a ton of sunlight and exposed brick. The next day I quit my job and decided to open HausWitch Home + Healing. Ever since then I’ve been like, ALL PYRITE EVERYTHING.

Around the store we say, “put a pyrite on it!” which is basically our quick and easy manifesting spell. It involves writing down what you are trying to invite into your life, and then putting a nice piece of pyrite on top of the paper. Whatever else you want to do after that to help the process is great, but just know that you’re setting the magic in motion simply by stating your intention and laying down that sweet fool’s gold.

I thought it would be cool to make a little notepad for wish-lists or to-do’s that calls up the power of pyrite. I decided to have it say “Pyrite is Down” because I’m cheesy and I love puns. So I reached out to my friend Sylvia, the awesome lady behind Middle Dune, a local handmade paper goods company. We’d worked together before on some witchy notebooks for the store that everyone goes bananas for, so I knew she was the perfect partner.

After we threw around some basic design ideas, Sylvia went into production mode: “For the interior that meant putting together a proof and sending it off to be offset printed since I can't do that quantity myself. The cover was a two step process. First, I made a screen for the metallic gold and screen printed it as the first layer."

"Then I had plates made up for the black which I printed on my letterpress, an antique Chandler & Price New Style platen press."

"Finally there's the trimming, gluing, and assembling to attach cover and interior!"

Ain't she a beaut? As someone who is perpetually making lists, of both the wish AND to-do variety, I can tell you that this lil' cutie is super handy. I mean... look who's sitting next to me right now!

(I swear this photo wasn't even staged for this and I'm not sure if that's better or worse.)