This weekend was a busy one for HausWitch. On Saturday I met with a potential new client and on Sunday I went back to JAZ’s apartment to start work on their makeover. On the agenda was a lot of de-cluttering and organizing. We spent the afternoon dividing their miscellaneous office supplies, diplomas and unopened tabletop ping-pong sets into 3 categories: “Functional”, “Memories”, “Garbage/Donate”. (You can probably figure out what went where.)

It’s not like Jackie and Liz were living like hoarders, (okay, maybe Jackie was, a little) but a little clutter can go a long way in creating a stressful living environment. You should be able to sit on your couch, crack open a Diet Coke and enjoy an episode or two of Dance Moms without having to be reminded of that bill you didn’t pay or that Liberal Arts master’s degree that you earned. So it had to go. We all took deep breaths. It was great.

Next up was slight furniture re-arrange in the living room. Nothing major- but I think it made a difference in the overall feel of the space. I put together this before and after (the first of many) to show you the difference a little elbow grease can make. FOR FREE.

I brought the couch away from the back wall and into the middle of the room to eliminate the giant no-man’s land between the couch and television, and make space for a bookcase/media storage behind the couch. The room is big (there’s more behind the frame of these pictures) so this helps to partition off a part of the room for television watching. I have always found that big, open spaces can be intimidating to decorate and it’s just easier to use furniture to mark out different “areas” if you will. You will.

Lastly, I removed a lot of the art and wall decor to clear the slate a little.

Stay tuned, the shopping just started. IT’S ALL HAPPENING.

Welcome to Scorpio. The almanac says: “Revisit Family Photographs



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