On tonight’s episode of HausWitch: Blog Edition, I want to introduce a new project I’m starting this week. My friends Jackie and Liz are letting me work my HausWitch-ery at their adorable vintage one bedroom in Jamaica Plain. And when I say “adorable”, I mean “has lots of potential”.

Just Kidding Just Kidding Just Kidding. It’s already adorable and it has the potential to be even more adoooooorable.

Soooo, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a celebrity couple name for Jackie and Liz for when I talk about them on here because I was starting to think that typing “Jackie and Liz” over and over again might become cumbersome? (I’m pretty lazy) However, my attempts to come up with the name produced the disappointing LIKIE and the downright silly JAZ. So forget that.

Here’s a picture of Jackie and Liz’s living room. We’re going to start there. We are eventually going to make over the whole apartment room by room. Each room has a budget of $100. Luckily, I think that there are many things we can do for free or very, very cheap that will make JAZ more comfortable in their space.

For the living room, Liz wanted a vintagey-rusticy-outdoorsy thing. Jackie has more of a clean-modern-with bright colors-vibe but wants to go with Liz’s taste for the living room. Cool.

My inspiration for the room will come from this map because I think it will go with the rustic/cozy/cabin direction (you’ll see) but also incorporate some really nice bright blues and greens that Jackie likes. So we’re going with it- stay tuned!

The moon in is Scorpio- you should howl at it.

***Also, a correction: my first post said the moon was in Virgo- and it was- when I wrote the post, but when I actually posted it, the moon was in Libra and the almanac said “don’t disturb the ghosts”. Okay, glad I got that off my chest!



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