What in the world is a HausWitch?

Well, me! I’m a HausWitch!


I am someone who has been interested in interior decorating since I was a kid. I am also someone who has never had any money. These two things have created my brass tacks- car tires and chicken wires- ultimate cheapskate approach to interior decorating and styling.

Why? You may ask. Well, because like those cats they let out in the Ikea, I live my life in the pursuit of maximum coziness. I feel that the home that you surround yourself with has an impact in your overall well-being. I also believe that creating a comfortable, relaxed and unique environment is possible even with little or no money.

I want to be clear about something here- when I say “little or no money” I mean “little or no money”. Not just “on a budget”. Not “no money except what we spent on the Eames chairs and vintage credenza.” I’m talking about those of us who have to save up for the supplies for a DIY-project or a simple poster frame.

It can be done.

I mean, it must be done, because we’re all broke now right?

HausWitch is about all the little tricks, nuggets of advice, and secret potions that I can offer about the world of bottom line decorating.
So I’ll show things I’m working on in my own home, and, believe it or not, other people actually let me re-vamp their homes, so I’ll show that process too!

It should be fun. The moon is in Virgo and the cauldron is boiling. Here.We.Go.