Hi witches! Madeline Mooney, faerie queen and talented energy worker, has been working in the HausWitch Healing Space since it opened. She practices herbalism and makes the Reiki-charged teas we have in the shop. You can visit her at the space on Front Street right around the corner from the shop! Find out when she's available on her site. Learn all about her practice:

Tell us about your healing practice and your healing focus.

I run Moon Child Reiki & Herbals and my focus is helping individuals connect to and express their truth. In addition to my healing practice, I work as a public school speech and language therapist, where I help children connect to and use their voice. Through my healing practice, I am able to support people of all ages in more clearly expressing who they are, and following what inspires them.

My healing work is also infused with the magic of nature. I was raised in Vermont and have a strong intuitive bond with natural allies including plants, animals, and crystals. My intuition speaks to me through nature-based symbology and elemental energies, which I share with clients to support healing.

What led you to herbalism and Reiki?

I was led to herbalism by the comfort I received in nature, as well as a way to support my personal healing. When I began my herbal apprenticeship in 2010, I had been struggling with anxiety and depression. The first tea I crafted was similar to the Uplift blend I now sell at HausWitch and on my website. The herbal allies in this blend were one of the supports that helped me shift away from the heaviness I had been feeling, and into a state where I could more fully express my truth. I now use herbs to help others feel more comfortable as they move through life’s many cycles.

Through continued study of herbs, I began to encounter literature on other healing modalities which sparked my interest. I began studying on my own, and eventually met Grace Harrington Murdoch and Lisa Nichols, who became my Reiki Teachers. Through Reiki, I have continued to grow intuitively. I enjoy the art of each Reiki session, and am honored to support each person’s unique healing journey.

What is your specialty or favorite kind of session?

My favorite kind of session to offer is a Reiki + Tarot + Custom Herbal Tea Blend combination! I love the holistic feel that comes when blending these modalities.

What's your favorite herbal or crystal ally?

My favorite herb is lemon balm, which is the main ingredient in the Uplift blend I mentioned. This herb has been a support for me through trying times, as well as a consistent ally to nurture my Gemini nerves! I find lemon balm to be a lovely support for sensitive souls. Astrologically, it is ruled by the Moon and the element water, which both connect to the realm of emotions.

My favorite crystal ally is labradorite, which I am drawn to both for its energetic properties and its rainbow casting ability! I feel like labradorite can help open us to more synchronicity, partly through the magic of our own intuition.

Is there a way to work with you if I live far away from Salem?

Yes! I offer 15 and 25 minute distance Reiki sessions. Reiki can travel beyond space and time, and provides energetic support regardless of location. Each distance Reiki session is followed up with an email containing intuitive messages or symbols picked up on during the session.

How can I keep in touch with you?

You can explore my offerings more on my website, I am always open to questions via email at You can also follow me on Instagram at @moonchild.reikiandherbals.



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