Kitchen witches, weed witches, and planty people all have a special place in their hearts for our green friends. There's more gift ideas out there for your budding herb witch! Get them a gift that helps them form an even closer bond with leafy creatures. From books to teas and tinctures, there's a whole world of fun herbal prezzies!

Sister Spinster Flora Essence Blend - $20

This gem and flower essence has all the vibes of spring flowers and plant matters.

The Master Book of Herbalism - $21.95
This gem has both magical and practical knowledge of herbs. It's a reference book that will help them connect even more deeply to plant friends!

Reiki Charged Herbal Teas - $13
Teas with an extra energetic oomph will have your herb witch friends asking you where you got it!

A Witch’s Guide to Medicinal Teas - $12
After they have a taste for tea, it's time to make their own!

Hidden Folk Incense Sticks - $15
All natural and DELICIOUS smelling, these will have even your least herb-obsessed friends wondering "How'd they do that with plants?!"

Feminism Gets Me High Pipe - $55
An obvious choice for your herbaceous friend! High-quality pipes for your high-quality witches.

Weed Earrings - $20
For your *ahem* very plant-friendly herb witch.