Help your little witchlings get acquainted with deeper roots of witchcraft and pagan knowledge. These gifts for beginner witches are just the tip of the intuitive iceberg. Delving into ideas of witchcraft (however in, or out of vogue) can help people find their center. Understanding energy, witchcraft history, and reflecting on one's own journey can be helpful tools while on a personal journey. Hopefully this selection will help you find something for the beginner witch on your list!

Drawing Down the Moon - $22
The ultimate book of witch history and analysis for beginner witches and advanced folks alike. Both academic and spiritual perspectives give a well-rounded look at the craft!

Witches, Bitches, and Ho's - $21
This little potion is for shifting energy: get in touch with your ancestors and inner witch!

Book of Spells Handbound Notebook - $24
Spells, sigils, incantations, poems about your dreams, or even doodling your intentions in this little notebook can make it a spell of its own!

Inquire Within Oracle Deck - $48
Start looking for guidance from within! This little deck will have you trusting your intuition more every day.

Magnificent Goddess Lapel Pin + Card - $10
Who doesn't need this little reminder?! Beginner witches need all the support. ALL.

Basic Psychic Development - $16.95
Be aware of your energy! Energetic knowledge can help you feel more in control.