What could possibly be better than plants and crystals on a sunny day? Literally nothing.

Last Sunday the green-thumbed gals from Niche paid us a visit with all their plant friends in tow. From succulents to herbs and moss they seemed to have a little bit of everything.

HausWitch provided the crystals and everyone who wandered through couldn’t stop themselves from crafting a little terrarium of their own.

Did you buy some new leafy loves? Don’t miss some useful tips from Niche’s Liz and Mandy:

  • Give them plenty of sun!
  • Air plants only need a little spray of water once a week.
  • You can also submerge an air plant in water then pop it back in its home!
  • Plants can usually come back from a drought, but not a flood, so no over-watering.
  • Don’t be afraid to amputate. Trimming bad leaves and limbs will give a plant more energy for its healthy parts.
  • And last, but not least: Visit Niche in South Boston on Tremont St, very soon in a new storefront in Cambridge, and follow them on Instagram. Hooray for new floral friends!