Dust off your decks and make your way over to HausWitch for the monthly Tarot Salon. This gathering is for all levels, from purely personal readers to professionals.

It starts off with introductions and a grounding meditation, and then the group breaks off into pairs to practice different card configurations. When you practice on your own, you don’t realize you’re functioning in a bubble. Then, you read a strangers cards and learn not one, but two new ways to shuffle, and three new ways to lay out your spread. Everyone reads tarot a little differently!

When you only read for friends it starts to feel easy because you already know their lives—sometimes too well. The intuition you have with friends can be great for problem solving, but you aren't seeing how far your intuition can go. It’s amazing how much you can understand about a total stranger just from a tarot card reading and they get an outsider’s perspective on their situation.

So grab your cards and crystals, witches! Bring your books, notes, whatever you’ve got and come learn with us next month at the Tarot Salon!