With the moon steadily in Aquarius, last night HausWitch held its very first Spell Crafting workshop. We’d be willing to bet that you’re wondering what that might entail, and whether witch or wanderer, all it really takes is one, very powerful, thing: intention.

Since the store’s grand opening, the Haus of Home and Healing has begun to build its own series of workshops and a growing fanbase (shoutout to our Instagram friends). And these adoring masses were calling out to us, practically begging for lesson on the HausWitch’s main hustle: HausCraft. As Erica says: “I couldn’t be in everyone’s homes, cleansing their spaces and helping them feel better, so I decided to make intention boxes. That’s how we ended up with HausCraft.”

Because we want your home to be as cozy as possible and we love you all so, so much, we pulled together a workshop for the ages. Up all night building this DREAMBOAT of a booklet, CJ and Erica, taught a magical group of people what it takes to craft a spell—and how it’s different from casting a spell.

Friendship Circle and Introductions

Sitting cross-legged in a circle (as most events at HausWitch begin) the group introduced themselves, hailing from across Massachusetts and beyond. The reasons for attending ranged, but one thing was obvious: everyone loved the idea of putting cute little things into tiny house-shaped boxes. (Who doesn’t?!)

Erica and CJ went through each portion of the kits outlining 6 major pieces to their corner of spell crafting: candles, incense, herbs, crystals and minerals, potions, and objects. These aren’t all required, but no mater what you choose each piece should be carefully considered before gaining a spot in the tiny house box. It’s important that each piece match the intention you are trying to set, which goes for any spell.

The two cunning witches went through the crafting of the spell and how each piece fit into the spell’s story. However, the actual casting of the spell is up to the caster. It depends on who the spell is for, where you’ll be doing it, and what sort of spiritual or religious path you might be on. All HausWitch spells are non-denominational just for this reason. It’s all up to you.

Pick Your Potion

Your ingredients are in your hands as well. So you read a spell somewhere and it calls for say… sage for cleansing—but you hate the smell of sage. Conundrum! This is where the rule of substitutes comes in: You can always substitute something in a spell if you fell it will fit better or do not have access to the specific component required. In the case of sage you might use the sound of a bell for cleansing a space instead. In the end (and we can’t stress this enough!) what really matters are your gut feelings and the intentions behind the ingredients. What might surprise you is it isn’t even about witchcraft. If you imbue things with meaning, like candles and incense whatever intention you set will be built into this nondenominational spell, or prayer, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Enough reading and talking—it was time to get crafting! We all moseyed over to a table filled with a spell’s necessities: bottles and jars, candles and incense. We swarmed the potions like bears on honey: A drop of this, a shard of that, and a wee clay cauldron to stir it all up in.

There were whispers of haus-cleansing spells, motivational boxes, and fiery romance spells. Erica and Cai (aka potion master) were there to help us along and make sure our spells had everything they needed.

Did you attend the workshop? Let us know how your spell went in the comments or, better yet, come by the shop and tell us when it manifests itself. We want to hear all about your magic!

Thanks to all who came to the event, and for those who couldn’t attend, keep an eye on our events page for shiny new workshops and meditation dates.



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.