From herbal newbies to veterans, you might not always love the taste of some of the most helpful herbs the earth has provided. Lucky for you there’s a very tasty and boozy way to add herbs to your diet.

On Beltane we gathered up our strength to head out into the rainy evening to join Spencre McGowan, aka. @gingertoothandtwine, on an alcohol-infused journey to better boozing. And what better way to celebrate Beltane, really, than with a sip of whimsical whiskey?

"There's no bad time for a hot toddy!" Spencer exudes with a sincere love for all things herbal. She’s a graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies ROOTS program and doesn’t mess around when it comes to mixing her passion and her downtime.

Winos and whiskey hounds rejoice

Do you have a cheap bottle (or box!) of wine kicking around? Yeah, us too. And that means we’re all halfway to a yummy herb-infused wine!

For wine infusions or cordials, Spencre recommends using a white wine, specifically a Pinot Grigio, but Chardonnays and sometimes a sweet Moscato can do the trick. Really any white wine will have more “empty space” in its flavor than a red, so it’s more likely to take to the herbs more quickly. Herbs Spencre mentioned that pair well with white wine are rose, elderflower, and hibiscus, but really it will take well to just about any herb you choose.