CHANNELEDTV: Psychic Sundae Energy Meditation

CHANNELEDTV: Psychic Sundae Energy Meditation

Psychic Sundae Energy Meditation
with Melissa Nierman

Hi, I'm Melissa. Today, we'll be doing a psychic sundae energy meditation. This guided exercise will explore your psychic senses through the energy of an ice cream sundae. 

So, now would be a good time to find somewhere that feels safe, that feels  quiet, that feels like you can just chillax for, you know, a short short bit. You can turn off this video for a second if you want to find that spot. I don't need to keep talking through you finding that spot(as much as I like talking ha).

And when you find that spot I just want you to close your eyes. And you can take a couple of breaths and just notice your body. And so this is something seemingly small, but actually really big. So many people and myself included, you know, go through their day, go through sometimes entire lives without really noticing that they're in a body. So just notice your body. Notice that you have a head. Notice that you have limbs. Notice that you have a chest. You have a heart. You can notice your feet on the ground if you have feet on the ground. And just notice. This in itself can be a revelation. 

And now I want you to notice where your point of perception is. So, that might sound kind of strange, but where are you paying attention to? Where is your attention? Is your attention on me (we hope ha)? No, but where is your attention? Is it on your thoughts? Is it on a pain in your body? Is it on two weeks ago, something that happened? Is it two weeks from now? Just notice where your attention is. Now attention is probably the most powerful tool that we have and knowing where your attention is makes it that much more powerful. 

So, once you notice where it is, we're going to start to intentionally move our point of attention. And so this is a lot of power to be able to move and control what you're paying attention to. And that in itself can really shift everything. So I want you to move your point of attention to two inches (and you don't have to measure) approximately two inches in front of your eyes right above your nose. From that point of attention, now can you notice your body. You're still not in your body. You're just noticing it from the outside. 

Now I want you to move your point of attention into the center of your head. That might sound strange, but the center of your head is the seat of your intuition. It's where you can understand and feel things and know things with neutrality. Meaning you're not questioning them, you're not judging them, you just know, which is really important for psychic work. And so, move your point of attention into the very center of your head. And for some people that might not feel very comfortable. If you're someone that doesn't experience being in the center of your head very often, it might make you feel the weird Heebie Jeebies. For some people it might feel very comfortable. Maybe that's where you spend a lot of your time, in the center of your head. Whatever is happening just notice it. And just experience the experience. 

From the center of your head, I want you to imagine out in front of you, an ice cream sundae. And if you don't eat ice cream, if you're vegan it can totally be vegan ice cream. It doesn't even have to have sugar in it. It can be any kind of ice cream sundae that makes your heart feel good. And so, out in front of you, just notice what this ice cream sundae looks like. Notice what flavors there are. Mine has mint chocolate chip, because I love mint chocolate chip. Are there sprinkles? If there's not sprinkles now you can totally add sprinkles. How about hot fudge? Maybe you like whipped cream. Maybe you like... maybe you want to put a cherry on top. Just make your sundae whatever it wants to be. Maybe want your ice cream sundae to be in a hat. And if you don't want it to be in a hat anymore, just change the container. 

And now there's all these different things you can notice about this ice cream sundae. And everybody has different ways of perceiving energy so this ice cream sundae is just a symbol. It's a representation of energy, it's something that you created. 

Energy vibrates in different colors. And a lot of times the colors can have meaning so maybe the colors of your sundae is something that you can notice. So you can notice the sundae visually, or in other words, clairvoyantly. You can notice how the sundae tastes. Mine tastes really good, really sweet. A little bit of spice because I put some Mexican chocolate in there. You can notice, you can notice, the smell, what your ice cream sundae smells like. Maybe put some herbs on there. You can stick your finger, you can imagine sticking your finger into the ice cream sundae. Maybe it feels cold. Maybe it feels wet. Maybe you can feel all those sprinkles. Maybe you just know something about the ice cream sundae without really even having to know something about ice cream sundae. You just know it. You just know it’s awesome. Maybe you get a particular feeling from the ice cream sundae maybe it feels really...maybe it reminds you of being a kid. Maybe it's that really kind of light feeling of being in a kid body when you don't really know anything and you're excited and you're eating an ice cream sundae. Maybe, maybe you can feel it in your heart. 

Whatever you're experiencing of the ice cream sundae, just know that you're experiencing it psychically. There is no ice cream sundae out in front of me right now. And I'm assuming there's no ice cream sundae in front of you right now, at least in the material plane, but yet we can conjure it into reality. And we can know so many things about it. 

So, you can take a couple more breaths. If you want, you can eat the rest of your ice cream sundae with your mind ha. You can imagine it blowing up, getting ice cream sundae all over. And now just take a moment to open your eyes and come back to the room. 

So the question is, What's more real: the ice cream sundae that you just experienced, or this negative space, where there appears to be no ice cream sundae?


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