Beyond Rose Quartz: Crystals for the Heart

Beyond Rose Quartz: Crystals for the Heart

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By Lighthaus potions-mixer Kalyn Anderson/@sweetbitterritual

Rose Quartz gets a lot of loveeee when we talk about love...and for good reason! Rose Quartz is super soothing for the heart, easy to find, relatively budget-friendly, and comes in the cutest shades of pink you’ve ever seen!

That doesn’t mean our other crystal Cupids don’t deserve some love too, though! We’ve rounded up some crystals for love that we think deserve some hype—and this isn’t just about romantic love! We’ve got crystal recommendations for queer love, when you wanna party down with your bffs, when you need a boost of self-love, and even a crystal for abundance + protection for SWers. Time to go WAY beyond Rose Quartz!



For Queer Love: AMAZONITE

The Pocket Book of Stones calls Amazonite “a truth-teller and a peacemaker." This sea-green pal works to help bring us closer to our inner truth and feel more ease in its expression. In a world that has a lot of “rules” about how love SHOULD look, this crystal can help tune you into what YOU desire, expectations be damned. When cis-heteronormativity is getting you down, Amazonite gives a gentle nudge back towards inner-peace, self-love and acceptance, and confidently embodying your whole queer, loving self!


 Odds are you'll find Rose Quartz at the top of any list of crystals for self-love (and they wouldn’t be wrong)! But when we want our self-love a little more snazzy than soft, we opt for Cherry Quartz. This juicy gem has a hot pink-red hue that works some serious color magic to make you feel flirty, fun, and like all around HOT STUFF! It also acts like an emotional bodyguard, keeping negative self-talk and shame out of your way so you can keep shining.



 To Spice Up Your Long-Term Relationship: GARNET

The Honeymoon Phase doesn’t last forever...but that doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up a little in your LTR and get that fire burning hot again! Garnet feels like the best of both worlds. The intense, fiery energy will evoke smoldering passion and lust. Meanwhile, Garnet also carries a grounding and earthy energy to connect you to the comfort and sense of home that can make long-term-relationships so special and satisfying! Garnet says you can have it all: the sweet AND the spicy.


For Sex Workers: DRAGON JADE

So this isn’t really a crystal for *~love~* per se, but with all the talk of love + sex around this time of year, we needed to include a crystal pal for sex workers! Dragon Jade helps protect our inner flame...important in ANY field of work where you might be sharing or holding space for energy that you don’t want to carry with you after the session. Energetic boundaries for days with this crystal friend! Not only that...the “money-green” shade can help call in abundance and keep business flowing with ease!


When You’re Getting Swept Off Your Feet: SMOKY QUARTZ

So you started seeing someone new and it’s going GREAT...maybe even TOO great? Maybe it’s NOT to good to be true (we have our fingers crossed for ya) but if you feel like you might need to come back down to earth for a clearer view, Smoky Quartz has your back! This crystal has a similar grounding + protective vibe to Obsidian, but with a softer edge—perfect for finding the balance between our inner cynic and our inner hopeful romantic! 

For Post-Breakup Healing: LEPIDOLITE

Skip the crusty rebound hookup who doesn’t deserve you and snuggle up to some Lepidolite instead!! This crystal gets its calming, lavender shade from its high Lithium ingredient used in mood-stabilizing medications! Of course, NO crystal is a substitute for medicine or professional help (and you SHOULDN'T eat Lepidolite! ;)) but if your emotions are feeling raw after a falling-out, meditating with some Lepidolite over your heart could help calm your inner waters and get you off the emotional roller-coaster!


For Platonic Love Between Besties: RHODONITE


We might be biased since Rhodonite is the state gemstone of Massachusetts, but we think this pink-and-black beauty is perfect for tapping into the free, fun, and fulfilling vibe of a night out (or in) with your best pals. Rhodonite encourages compassion and generosity for big 3 of Cups vibes and can even help you tune into your unique gifts and full potential...kinda like a good BFF does! You know the confidence you feel when the group text is hyping you up? Or when you’re doing wine-fueled hairbrush karaoke duets with your ride-or-die? That’s the Rhodonite vibe 24/7.


To Call in New Love: CINNAMON JASPER



It can be hard to get “back on the field” after doing your own thing for a while! Of course, there’s no reason to rush back to dating until you WANT to—but if you ARE feeling ready for romantic love again, Cinnamon Jasper can help you warm up! The grounding, earthy energy of this crystal will help you get “out of your head” and tune into your intuition as you navigate the dating world while its shimmering cinnamon sweetness will help you sparkle so bright that new love can’t miss you!



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