A Bath Spell for the Dark Moon

A Bath Spell for the Dark Moon

by Erin O'Leary of Erin's Apothecary and Paige Curtin of DIY Witchcraft

The dark moon is a special time between waxing and waning, when the moon takes a breather to contemplate her own grace. It’s the perfect time to turn our attention inward: to ourselves, our past selves, and our ancestors. A  new cycle approaches and with it, new rules. This two-part banishing and renewing bath ritual is meant to align with that energy, but can be invoked at any point, no matter what Mother Moon is up to. 


Black candle remove unhelpful thought patterns | protection from negativity

White candle new beginnings & blessings

Crystal for self-love like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, or Lepidolite

Dried herbs for protection and banishing (see below)

A bathtub OR a bowl/basin (folx without tubs can modify this spell to be a hand/foot wash instead of a full-body bath)


Suggestions for the bath (besides an Erin’s Apothecary Bath Salt, of course!)

A handful of sea salt or epsom salt

Oils and/or dried herbs like:

Clove - banishing, purification, ward off negativity, 

Mint - protection, refreshment 

Mugwort - protection, lunar/goddexx energy

Anise- protection

Frankincense - protection, purification

Rosemary- protection, purification, cleansing

Garden Sage : purification

Cypress- banishing, releasing

Vetiver - deflection

Yarrow : protect, heal

Lavender-, cleanse, soothe

Rose- love, empathy

Lemon Balm : uplift; bring joy in

Basil : felicity

Catnip: playfulness

Chamomile : calm


Planetary Influences to invoke (verbally or with offerings of traditional objects/iconography):

Pluto-  Death/Rebirth

Saturn-  Boundaries, Dedication

Venus- Self-love, inner beauty, confidence

Dark Moon - Contemplation, truth



First, light the black candle and set it to your west. Use the candle’s flame to light your selected banishing  herbs in a fireproof vessel. 

Write down whatever you wish to release on a piece of paper and burn it- any insecurities, energetic blocks, old truths. 

This symbolizes the death of old limitations, and is a great time to invoke the planetary energy of Pluto if you wish.

Once it’s all burned to ashes, collect the ashes in a box or container to release outside (preferably at a crossroads). If you can, bring the candle with you and let the wind blow it out, or extinguish it yourself after releasing the ashes. When you walk away, don't look back.

Next, light your white candle and place it in the East. Run a bath with a handful of salt, a few drops of oil, and if you wish some dried herbs or flowers, such as laender, rose, and lemon balm. Place your crystal and any heart-centered tokens by the tub. 

Add your unique magical vibration (and dissolve any coarse salt crystals) by stirring your arm through the water, exchanging the fiery cauldron of banishing for the watery cauldron of self-love and healing. Make the conscious choice to allow love into your energy. Say it out loud if you want, and call in any loving deities, ancestors, or spirits that align with your pantheon (like the planetary energy of Venus). 

Soak in your self-love potion for as long as you want, and stay in the bath as the water drains. Once the water is gone, blow out the white candle and gently pat yourself dry (and if you’d like, wave the candle smoke over yourself to seal in the magic).

Suggested journal prompts, if you’d like: How will I carry the effects of this spell forward? What did it feel like when I soaked in my own self-love? Did any images or messages come through from my guides?



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