Aquarius Season Treasurescopes

Aquarius Season Treasurescopes

While the shop is closed for safety, we miss helping you browse for the perfect treasures to work your magic! We pride ourselves on curating the cutest, best-smelling, most radical, and most magical goodies from independent makers (mostly queer, femme/nonbinary, local, or all of the above)! So much thought goes into each product we choose to stock, and we love having a chance to share their stories with we want to do it virtually!

For each zodiac season, we'll bring you a list of treasures perfect for embracing the gifts and energy of the current Sun sign! You'll get to hear all the incredible background on our makers and personal experiences with the products that you'd get if we were able to have a chat in the shop and hopefully find your perfect match for the season!

First up is cool, eccentric, and forward-thinking Aquarius! These treasures are all perfect to help ANY sign tap into the magic of Aquarius season, but they also make great gift ideas for any Aquarians in your life! (If you need some more inspiration, you can always check out the Aquarius recommendations in our 2020 Astrological Gift Guide !) And of course--you can't go wrong with an Aquarius flower essence or greeting card

Wishing you an extraterrestrial Aquarius season!! 

DIY Witchcraft

Aquarius is known for marching to the beat of their own drummer. At its best, Aquarius energy has the confidence and independence to trust their ideas whether or not they're validated by others. Our own Paige Curtin's DIY Witchcraft gives you all the tools you need to create your OWN spells, rituals, and practices from scratch using inspiration from "your experiences and no one else's"...your personal magic is your most powerful magic! 

Focus Pocus Spell Kit

Aquarius is imaginative, inventive, and intelligent. This energy lends itself to complex thought, far-fetched theories, and wild imaginings...but it's not always great at following through on these ideas or putting them into action. There's just too much going on! Our Focus Pocus Spell Kit includes Hematoid Quartz (a coven fave), a Vetiver + Cedar candle for grounding, a notebook + pen for writing down your wildest dreams and how to get there, a mini vial of Focus Pocus potion, and a meditation booklet! Let the creative energy of this season move through you and put a little staying power behind your grand visions with this spell.

Lighthaus Concentrates + Glass Spray Bottle

Aquarius may be known as the humanitarian, but this energy is generally much more concerned with the collective as a whole than with individual humans (which can get "messy and emotional" for cool, detached Aquarius. Animals and plants are part of our collective here on Earth, and Aquarius  recognizes this, often feeling a greater fondness for plants and animals than people. Make your cleaning routine a little more eco-conscious (and a lot more magical) with our Lighthaus Cleaning Concentrates + Glass Spray Bottles! Just put a few dropperfuls in the bottle, fill the rest with water, and you've got 16 oz of plant + crystal-powered hauscleaning at your fingertips! 

Hexing the Patriarchy Spellbook

Aquarius tends to be focused on creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all of us. This season is a great time to think about how you're complicit in oppressive structures, how you can disrupt them, and what kind of future you'd like to envision for our society...dream BIG! Ariel Gore's Hexing the Patriarchy has 26 spells to say "F*** the Man" in varying and marvelous forms. A whole bunch of our fave witches (including our own HWIC Erica) contributed spells for this collection...a must have grimoire for any witch in 2021! 


Stone Fruit "Noodle" Earrings

Stone Fruit is a jewelry line designed and sculpted by Cambridge-based artist, CeCilia Melendez. Her polymer-clay "Noodle" earrings make the perfect unconventional statement for the season (bonus points for wearing a different color in each ear)! We love how lightweight and unobtrusive these cuties are while still packing a visual punch--and the fact that they remind us of our shop "familiar", Wavy Cat, doesn't hurt! 

"Magical Non-Linear Thinking for President" Sticker

There's no time like Aquarius season to embrace multi-dimensional thought and question our reality! A "Magical Non-Linear Thinking for President" sticker will let your fr3ak flag fly and hopefully inspire others to embrace more magical non-linear thinking, too! Politicians come and go, but cosmic consciousness is forever! 



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.