All About Angel Numbers: Why We Wish At 11:11

All About Angel Numbers: Why We Wish At 11:11

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by Paige Curtin 

If you've been in the treasure palace at 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55, you've probably heard us ring a little bell behind the counter and urge everyone to make a wish or greet their guides. That's because repeating numbers are known as Angel Numbers, and when they show up on the clock or in other uncanny places they signal a moment of angelic intervention.

Today we're celebrating 2/22/22, and a lot of the coven are timing our big spells for 2:22pm. It's kind of a weird holiday for witches because it doesn't REALLY align with anything cosmically; the calendar we follow is humanmade, the 24-hour cycle a construction of capitalists. So why would angels care what time it is?

Well because angels just want to communicate with us, and they notice when we notice things. Nudging you to glance at the clock at 3:33 is a quick and easy way to get a message across, but you might also notice angel numbers in license plates, addresses, even price totals on your receipts. These magical moments can let you know you're on the right path, or help you decide which way to go next. 11:11 is a special portal for bringing wishes out of the dreamworld and into being. Some other traditional associations (also found in DIY Witchcraft!)
1- Unity, action, potential
2- Balance
3- Communication, collaboration, birth, formation
4- Order, stability, accomplishment
5- Disruption, transition, contraction
6- Harmony, purpose, wholeness, exchange, abundance
7- Mystery, transition, heroism, skill
8- Discipline, rationality, transformation, realization
9- Power, climax, spirituality, insight
10- Completion, renewal, harvest

Numerology is a language we've all created together that can streamline communication between beings: in addition to magical correspondences, the digits from significant years and dates, sports team jerseys, and other signifying numbers are instantly recognizable to us. So if your late relative's street address was "7 Witchcraft Lane" and you spent a lot of time there growing up, seeing repeating 7s might be a signal to pay special attention to that time or relationship! 

Of course, I'm using "angel" in a pretty general way here to cover all the good spirits that keep us safe and soft. That means your ancestors, passed on pets, childhood imaginary friends, anyone who would want your attention for pure and good reasons. But angels occupy a space all their own as powerful spiritual entities!

In The Seven Types of Spirit Guide Yamile Yemoonyah describes angels: "The world angel comes from the Greek aggelos, which means 'messenger'. This makes sense, since angels act as intermediaries between us and the divine... angels often show themselves as human-like to make it easier for us to connect with them. It's not that they're actually male or female, have blond or black hair, or use their wings to fly around the Universe, they just know that it's difficult for us to communicate with a being made of pure light energy, so they try to make it easier for us by projecting an image that we can understand and relate to."

So there you have it! Angel numbers are beautiful in their simplicity, because they WANT you to notice. Next time you catch 11:11 on your lock screen go ahead and make a wish- someone who loves you is listening!



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