A Tarot Spread for Pisces Season

A Tarot Spread for Pisces Season

By Kalyn Anderson

We've officially entered Pisces Season, witches! The watery realm of Pisces is the last stop the Sun makes in their annual trip round the skies, marking the end of the astrological year. While we might crave a neat + tidy "ending" to this zodiacal cycle, Pisces tends to leave us with more questions than answers--and that can actually be a good thing! This sign is associated with The Moon in the Tarot, a card that has everything to do with embracing mystery, letting our intuition guide us, and embracing fluidity. Rather than seeking closure or finality at this time, widen your gaze to notice the hidden doorways and wishing wells that expand your curiosity rather than limiting it!

This Tarot spread is designed to help you make the most of this Piscean energy and investigate your own relationship with some of these Moon card concepts. I prefer to pull an Oracle card for the "message of support from The Moon" placement, but that's just me--feel free to use either Tarot or Oracle cards for ANY placement in this spread!

1. Your current relationship with your inner "water". (This would be your relationship to your emotions, natural ebbs + flows, compassion/empathy, intuition, healing, etc). 

2. How can I deepen my relationship with my intuition at this time?

3. Where am I being called to embrace surrender/release control at this time?

4. An energy/lesson to reflect on as we close the astrological year. (If you leave this one with a few more questions to explore than answers, you're doing it right.)

5. A message of support from The Moon. (I like to use an Oracle card for this one.)

I hope this spread brings you some beautiful insight + gentleness this season! If you'd like to talk more Tarot with me, I offer Cosmic Clearing Tarot + Oracle readings through the Psychic Portal...I'd love to meet you!



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