A Tarot Spread for Taurus Season

by Kalyn Anderson

Happy Taurus season, witches! Sending all my fellow Taurus Suns the sweetest birthday wishes and a year full of beauty!! Venus-ruled Taurus is all about sensuality--as in using ALL their senses to pick up on pleasure! Good food, good music, good hugs, fancy candles...Taurus wants to savor it all! I designed this spread around the 5 senses to help any sign tune into their sensual, Venusian nature...read on for the details, grab your favorite deck, and let's welcome the season! 

1. Sight: Where am I being called to see the beauty in life this season?

2. Hearing: An important message Spirit wants me to hear right now. (I like to use an Oracle card for this placement.)

3. Smell: How can I bridge the spiritual/material this season? (Taurus is associated with The Hierophant in Tarot, who can act as a bridge from the spiritual to material worlds...scent does the same as an invisible force that can create very real shifts!)

4. Touch: Where might I be holding on too tightly in my life? (Taurus can have a tendency to cling to what is familiar, even when it's time to move on--just something to be aware of as we move through this season!)

5. Taste: How can I more deliciously nourish myself (mind, body, spirit) this season? (Feel free to pull 3 separate cards for nourishing mind, body, and spirit if that feels better to you!)